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The technical craft that sweet eggplant sand manages
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Sweet eggplant sand manages is the dressing that uses on Western-style food.

Raw material recipe

(385 kilograms install 1000 bottles) sweet eggplant sauce 340 kilograms, saccharic 72 kilograms, maltose 20 kilograms, onion 2 kilograms, chili pink 0.08 kilograms, ginger pink 0.06 kilograms, five sachet 0.05 kilograms, garlic powder 0.02 kilograms, cassia bark 0.5 kilograms, Yu Guo

The method that make

The sort of sanded department has 3 000 a variety of, when making, first the fruit, vegetable (apple, orange, grape, onion, tomato, celery) abluent, decorticate, dolly, heat, through heating, achieve mix, deliquescent, antiseptic effect. Heat boiler has often press type and pressurization type two kinds, after heating, filter, take out scum, saccharic, salt, to one's heart's content and sweet laborious makings are added inside the juice toward pure Qing Dynasty, store up the juice that has made finally in store up inside container, via proper time, in constant temperature, juice maturation has the sanded department sauce of distinctive local color.

Product quality acid of exquisite, flavour is sweet and shape of rufous, sauce, constitution is small have sweet piquancy.

Edible method basically is used at Western-style food, if tomato sand is put on scamper pork chop and partial cold dish,manage, or use at shelled fresh shrimps of tomato oxtail soup, tomato to wait.

Keep the method is packed with vitreous bottle, adscititious wood book, put ventilated and dry part, be afraid of heat, avoid moisture.


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