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The technical craft of sauce of lemon of dried tangerine or orange peel
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This goods place is dried fruit skin with raw material dried tangerine or orange peel, useful also half new old peel, colour and lustre of this kind of peel is contained golden, do not be like darkly lubricious dried tangerine or orange peel to affect product colour and lustre. Citric and usable salt bloats, introduce processing technique to be as follows now:
1.Material handling: Use the new dried tangerine or orange peel that shows yellow to have pain, first soggy make its bate, undertake time is 10 minutes heating boiling making, undertake beating next, hit into oar shape without acrid dried tangerine or orange peel stand-by.
2.Saline embryo lemon handles: Need to undertake desalination, undertake immersing with a large number of clear water, this kind of desalination needs complete, should not take share having salt, otherwise conserve can contain saline taste bad, lemon should undertake beating after desalination, hit into oar shape.
3.Mix and condense: Press oar of dried tangerine or orange peel and citric oar 1: 1 mix, also can condense solid form content to achieve 25% or so reentry to mix all right respectively.
4.Condense: Oar of lemon of dried tangerine or orange peel heats first condense, make its evaporate partial moisture, join white sugar in proportion next, after white sugar dosage mixes by before condensing two kinds of raw material with 1: 1 dosage is added in raw material to ceaseless agitate undertakes heating and condense, join raw material to weigh then 0.5, 0.7% ; And join acerbity Potassium of 0.05% hill pear finally, mix is even, heat condense solid form content to amount to 45% the left and right sides stops to heat.
5.Bottle: Take the advantage of shrinkage fitting to enter 200 grams whirly bottle, screw cap.
6.Antiseptic: 100 Celsius boiling water is antiseptic 10 arrive 15 minutes.
Cooling: The refrigeration that pursue course comes 40 Celsius.
Finished product: Shallow brown of finished product colour and lustre, provide dried tangerine or orange peel and citric scent, sweet acid is goluptious, use at the edible such as daub bread steamed bread.


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