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The technical craft of chemical fish sauce
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Mussel flesh is a shellfish economy value is inferior kind, chemical sauce can be made outside be being sold except delicacy. Content of its product protein is very high, exceed soya bean soy commonly, and little taste it may not be a bad idea.

The method that make

1. solves beforehand: First hydrochloric acid of raw material immerge (other acerbity Yi Ke, only not as good as hydrochloric acid is appropriate) , undertake decomposing, if the 15 ~ 20%(that expects for Xian Yuan with acerbity quantity uses other fish by-product or litter, the dry, bittern that inspects raw material, bright wait for particular case and measure) with acid certainly.

2. heats: Cross raw material with hydrochloric acid dip, park is acid-proof crock or evaporate inside Min, heat with slow fire, maintain 80 ~ 105 ℃ , punch above crock lid, insert tube of one long glass, vapour condensation, call in hydrochloric acid, the time that increases pyrolysis is 8 ~ 10 hours.

3. heat preservation: After stopping boiling, heat preservation 4 hours, make its are decomposed complete, enter a crock again next inside, prepare to counteract.

4. counteracts: Wait for temperature refrigeration to come 60 ℃ , join sodium carbonate gradually (soda ash) , dosage is hydrochloric acid 50% the left and right sides, counteract leftover hydrochloric acid, when counteracting ceaseless agitate, try with test paper of blue stone core finally, come not to show acid reaction till.

5. filters: the fluid broken bits after counteracting quiet place stops to bubble, filter with hop-pocket (thrust augmentation compresses) , get juice of piscine sauce juice namely.

6. makes sauce: filtering juice juice, undertake evaporate boils disinfection (10 ~ maintain 20 minutes after boil) , raw meat or fish can go in the meantime, measure its concentration again, 20 ~ of Ying Zaibo beauty 22 degrees, if be not worth the beard when this chroma to add salt solution complemental, the beard when exceeding adds boiled water dilute, mingle the dark reddish brown of 5% finally, become chemical fish sauce namely.


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