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The treatment method of sauce of traditional seafood of folk of two Lai city
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Bay of city of Bohai Sea Lai, it is piscine shrimp migrates, all alone bait, good place that lay eggs, teem with a variety of fish, shrimp, crab, shellfish, fishery is resourceful, having " since ancient times Lai city bay, the world the first delicacy " beautiful praise. The Lai city people that is located in bank of Lai city bay used rich seafood resource creation to give a lot of traditions that have local distinguishing feature from of old sea product, now choose is shared twice with everybody among them.
One, midge child shrimp paste
Midge child shrimp weighs branny shrimp again. Midge child shrimp paste is with special local product of Lai city bay fresh midge child shrimp is given priority to those who expect the classics in adding salt to put a crock is long is natural ferment refine and become. Midge child the protein that shrimp paste contains a lot ofhuman body place to need, amino acid, calcium reachs all sorts of vitamins to wait, nutrition is rich, have distinct delicious delicate fragrance, tasted aftertaste is boundless, can use not only do condiment, also can use at making a lot of distinctive delicate cole, it is to entertain guest and the beautiful that present close friend to taste. Treatment method is as follows:
1. Raw material: Special local product of bay of choice Lai city is new midge child shrimp.
2. Clean: shrimp with clean fresh water medium impurity is cleaned clean.
3. Add salt: Use edible salt, according to every 500 grams shrimp adds 100 grams ~150 to overcome saline scale to add.
4. Container: Use the porcelain jar of fire, capacity size all but, after putting shrimp and salt, the crock on the lid is built.
5. Ferment: Use open air to ferment means, basically include 3 segment: Insolate, deflate, agitate, arrange 2 months. Insolate is to point to midge child shrimp is in the crock saline be soiled Queen of heaven of 5 days of ~10, below sunshine condition, open crock of lid to accept the illuminate of sunshine, shade, wet cannot undertake. Deflate, agitate is the process that accompanies each other, below sunshine condition, open crock of lid to have mix with club, every sky midday, afternoon each agitate, agitate process releases the gas that ferment setting out produces, should notice the edge is same directional mix is even.
6. Sauce, oil is detached: Ferment in the process, shrimp sauce begins oozy, ferment after the end, it is OK that choice sunshine comes out shrimp paste and shrimp sauce depart comes out shrimp paste and shrimp sauce depart edible, flavour of the edible after shrimp sauce is made via boiling is much better.
2, 鳀 fish sauce
鳀 fish, also say excrement of sodden from water, old wild goose, Spanish mackerel is fed, 7 stars fish. Chun Xia lays eggs, egg buoyancy. Small-sized fish, body length is controlled in 10 centimeters commonly. 1 age mature namely, life is controlled for 3 years.
Value ratio of 鳀 fish nutrition is higher, according to determining fish of 鳀 of every 100 grams can feed a part to contain protein gram of 18 grams ~20, adipose 5 grams, mineral gram of 2 grams ~2.5, additionally still a variety of vitamin A, E waits, glutamic acid and the amino acid that the place of 16 kinds of human body such as glutamic acid and pleasant ammonia acid contains to need in protein, pleasant ammonia acid can make fishiness delicious. Juvenile is machined dry article call Hai Yan, adult fish can machine 鳀 piscine doing and 鳀 fish rice. Of article introduction is to circulate 3 hill islands of city of Yu Lai state are street the village on the storehouse the civilian tradition cate of fish of 鳀 of a kind of edible -- , the treatment method of 鳀 fish sauce.
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