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The technical craft of Mei sauce candy
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Topaz of gold of color of Mei sauce candy is bright, bright red of stuffing heart rose, smell is sweet in microstrip acidity, have the scent of rose and sweet-scented osmanthus, change the entrance is crisp and easily.

Raw material recipe is saccharic 6 kilograms of soft white sugar 9.5 kilograms of maltose sweet-scented osmanthus of 1 kilogram of water 250 Ke Mei mud 250 grams lemon juice is acerbity color of 15 grams edible (kermes) a few Shui Mei rares spend 250 grams

The method that make

1 rose and sweet-scented osmanthus are picked after coming down, respectively dip is in juice of thick in syrup, can carry its colour and lustre and scent. The fish out when using pounds mud but.

2 plum flay, divide a nucleus, pound mud.

3 press soft white sugar with afore-mentioned raw material matching is better than matching, join edible color to mix divide evenly becomes stuffing, the edge mixes the edge is fried, fry do not stick, not inattentive can.

4 will saccharic, maltose enter boiler, add 1.5 kilograms of water, add citric acid to boil make, humidity control is controlled in 160 ℃ can, old candy color is aglow. If check the duration of syrup by experience, can carry with the chopstick when syrup has fine bubble a bit, instantly dip cold water, syrup becomes fragile can.

5 a ripe vegetable oil is wiped on chopping board, pour the syrup that has boiled on chopping board, flip through with bamboo shovel ceaselessly, make syrup drops in temperature equably.

6 syrup sugar child later, the bastinado that use wood presses candy lump into 2 centimeters to control thick candy skin, it is good that core of will hot stuffing falls on candy skin to be wrapped quickly roll round strong record, draw long and thin circle next.

7 edges pull a country to cut the Mei sauce candy of zhongzi form with scissors.

The note makes candy the skin should undertake at the same time with the core that fry stuffing, in order to maintain its temperature, the fine-draw that take the advantage of heat spins clipping. cool pull later do not move, make waste product. Additional, the scale of candy skin and stuffing core, be about on bulk 4: 6.


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