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High yield of blessing cropland hot pickled mustard tuber helps advance somebody
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Hot pickled mustard tuber renown bine uses leaf mustardleaf mustard, it is commonly by September ~ the grow seedlings at the beginning of October, transplant of the middle ten days of a month on November arrives in the rice field, immediately following in time the first ten days of a month harvested year of ~ end March in April, grow next insert early rice, interplanting of this kind of rice field of one season hot pickled mustard tuber help advance somebody's career mode, but mu produce hot pickled mustard tuber (include bine, part of a historical period) many kilograms 4000. Use craft of rough machining of Zhejiang salt dehydrate to make altar install hot pickled mustard tuber, eliminate is all after cost, mu can add receive 1700 yuan or so, cultivate the rice field after hot pickled mustard tuber, because rot dish, sodden leaf returns cropland, basically can not use fertilizer, but managing nearly 200 yuan, such, a mu of Tian Kechun is added receive 1900 yuan or so, it is rural winter crop a kind when cultivate relatively beautiful mode, cultivate its now technical introduction is as follows:

1, breed Zhuang Miaoyi to choose crop tall, smoke liver mosses not easily, expand bine water content is inferior and not easy hollow, character is tender, facilitating treatment nap, relatively be able to bear or endure virus disease and fight the breed with cold more powerful force. Because the district sex of breed of hot pickled mustard tuber is special strong, when introducing new breed accordingly, must undertake large area cultivate again on the foundation of small area plant experimentally. Sow appropriate of grow seedlings time to be by September ~ at the beginning of October, sow group by group in installment. Sow prematurely, virus gets a severe disease; Sow influence crop behindhand too. The seed before sowing uses 10% phosphoric acid 3 natrium handle 10 minutes of Ke Dun to change virus, reduce virus to kill, also can wait for seed dressing with zinc of Dai Sen manganese. Grow seedlings plot applies sufficient base fertilizer, use phosphor of 50% laborious sulfur 1000 times fluid undertakes edaphic processing kills subterranean injurious insect. After sowing, arrive budding before with 60% fourth careless amine 100 milliliter or second careless amine 70 milliliter of 50 ~ spray weed. Reach final singling of time young plant, seedling stage notices aphid of prevention and cure.

2, after paddy of transplant field planting is harvested, want to turn over agrarian soil preparation in time. Every mus apply become thoroughly decomposed organic fertilizer 2000 ~ 2500 kilograms, compound fertilizer makes base fertilizer 50 kilograms, turn over agrarian be buried next, whole Cheng Qi is 1.5 meters wide, farmland face becomes the box area of form of curvature of the spinal column. 30 ~ are opposite Miao Ling 35 days can field planting, individual plant row spacing 23 × of 20 ~ 33 centimeters. General mu grow 5000 ~ 6000 individual plant. Transplant hind irrigates the enough water that decide a root.
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