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The technical craft of appropriate pasture soy
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Soy is give priority to with soya bean and wheat makings.

The method that make 1. The soya bean that will chosen first is broken for two valve (broken end does not exceed 20%) .

2. wheat is abluent, after infiltration is controlled 8 hours, fry with boiler yellow, smash reserve for broken bead.

3. makes music: the fabaceous valve of 66% , of 34% fry flour to mix, add 53 ~ the clear water of 55% , infiltration 2 hours of above, on evaporate of an ancient earthen utensil for steaming rise is controlled 1 hour; Use next fry music of flour have an inoculation, the conservatory that enter constant fosters 45 ~ 48 hours, have music sweet smell, can enter make wine with dregs ferment working procedure.

4. is made wine with dregs ferment the department uses low temperature natural ferment, undertake below the condition that insolation night shows. Crocks open air is big ferment sauce wines with dregs need 12 months, indoor cement pool ferments sauce wines with dregs need 18 months to just can mature. Make wine with dregs ferment should allocate brine, Qu Shui first, ferment inside reentry crock or pool. And the key that insolation night dew is stand or fall of quality of appropriate pasture soy, be in commonly winter, spring dry season undertakes, meantime should prevent unboiled water, rainwater or oil kind enter sauce to wine with dregs, want metamorphism otherwise.

After it is mature that 5. sauce wines with dregs, still must undertake concentrated. Will mature sauce wines with dregs undertake dip wines with dregs, after bagging compresses, heat into boiler condense, make the chroma of soy achieves ′ of 27 ° Be to be able to give boiler. After giving boiler again classics refrigeration, after filtering, just be finished product.

Product characteristic colour and lustre is black red and luster, clear and transparent, chroma hangs a bowl, without sedimentary, sauce sweet ester is sweet full-bodied, flavor is delicious and full-bodied, xian Tian is dainty, downy flavour is long, wait for peculiar smell without acerbity, acerbity, suffering. Soy of pasture of appropriate of every 100 milliliter contains substance of form of the solid that do not have salt 22 grams, complete nitrogen 1.8 grams, reduced sugar nitrogen of condition of 4.5 grams, amino acid 0.9 grams, total sick at heart 20 grams. Manage changes index to all be achieved or exceeded a ministry to promulgate the standard of one class soy.


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