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Shed the technical craft of old vinegar alone
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Shed old vinegar to originate in Tianjin effect area to shed a town alone alone, be in early had produced 1665. Shed old vinegar fame alone at that time very tall, canalage of the canal austral the edge, sell south face road junction of river, Henan, north sells Tianjin, Beijing to be taken, emancipatory eve sells as far as to and other places of Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Shanghai. Abroad, the country such as Japan, Germany also has order goods.

Red food of raw material recipe rice of 40 kilogram round bead 30 kilogram yeast for making hard liquor 13.5 kilogram salt 19.3 kilogram bran 30 kilogram cereal is branny cap of 27.5 kilogram red food 55 kilogram

The method that make 1. Ferment: After with rice 3 kilogram are thoroughlied cook, air is cool curved surface is joined when coming not to warm a hand 1 kilogram, mix divide evenly enters a crock, warm up to 58 ℃ advisable, become small vault namely via 12 hours child reserve; Again rice 27 kilogram, thoroughly cook air of rice written complaint with boiler cool to not very hot hand, join curved surface 10 kilogram, throw small vault child, mix divide evenly enters crock classics 12 hours stand-by.

2. saccharify: With husked sorghum 40 kilogram, boil rice written complaint, will rinse beforehand inside crock of 60 kilogram infuse, in throwing husked sorghum meal and big rice water again, mix divide evenly, use everyday string (tool) string together twice, after 7 days, the meal ferments namely precipitation.

3. wine changes: Add afore-mentioned raw material curved surface cap of 2.5 kilogram, red food 55 kilogram, bran 35 kilogram, cereal is branny 27.5 kilogram, mix inside crock of the investment after divide evenly, 5 ~ give out heat 6 days namely wine is changed.

4. becomes base: After raw material is calorific, use aluminous mill overset everyday, after 8 days on half of the crock go up namely vinegar, join salt right now 6.26 kilogram, fall raw material of below the crock half part consummate ministry, via 8 days of time, add salt again 6.25 kilogram become acetic base namely.

5. drenchs vinegar: Acetic base is deposited should via 3 hot summer days, often overset, make acetic base absorbs sunlight adequately, the quality that deposits time to grow vinegar more is higher. Drench the crock puts acetic semifinished product when vinegar inside, devoted salt 6.8 kilogram, enter boiled water make tea acetic semifinished product next in, with one night time will drench the mouth pulls out, drench namely vinegar giving nail 306 kilogram.

Product characteristic alcohol is sweet not be bored with, acerbity and not choke, smell is sweet rub up, storage period is long.


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