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Foreign high protein sauce
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Place of this kind of sauce uses raw material to be soja, rice and salt. Content of requirement rice protein is in 7% above, salt matchs an amount (N) computational type is:
N< (5S-R) ÷ 10
Of S- soja match an amount
Of R- rice match an amount
Mixing before it is mature to ferment add alcohol and yeast, perhaps add among them a kind. This is this high protein the making method of sauce.
Of soja and rice deserve to compare for 5: 4 or 5: 6, of salt deserve to make sauce than occupying 11% the following, the accretion of alcohol measures the 0.1-3% that occupies gross of mixture raw material.
Yeasty accretion is measured normally 1g can deserve to mix raw material 200-1000kg.
The making method of the sauce with protein high content still has:
Disinfect rice sterilization with alcohol aqueous solution. The soja that alexipharmic rice bud and evaporate boil mixes, next below the temperature of park 20-25 ℃ , mature via a week.
Exemple: Have 6kg rice shoot dry processing at below room temperature 20 hours. In the solution that moisture content is the 6L of rice bud immerge of 20% to contain 93.5% alcohol. Next rice bud grows from inside alcohol juice, at this moment in the stainless steel recipient that the soja that the alcohol content in rice bud wants to achieve 20%.40kg classics to evaporate is boiled and reduce 45 ℃ puts cubage to take dasher for 200L, rejoin 1.1kg alcohol, in container agitate mixes to achieve 40 ℃ to mixture temperature.
A cubage is mixture reintroduce in the polyvinyl chloride container of 80L, what make below constant temperature condition is mature. Whole ferment period after about 20 days, alcohol content is amounted to about 2.9% , formaldehyde nitrogen content is amounted to about 0.65% , PH value is 5.6, taste is particularly right now good.