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The treatment of dawdle hemp thick chili sauce
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1, raw material: Agaragar of 20g of pigment of 35g of pigment of 300g of thick chili sauce of 400g of 100ml of the 100g of 40g of 2.5kg of little worry 5kg, smooth stay of proceedings, salt, gourmet powder, 125ml that feed vinegar, liquor, white sugar, hemp, chili, sorghum, edible is right amount.

2, material handling: Little worry, smooth stay of proceedings is washed with clear water clean, purify impurity, drop does moisture.

3, smash abrade: Kill boiling water the little worry of green 10min and smooth stay of proceedings, press 4:2weight comparing, smash in park meat chopper. what smash piece of stay of proceedings presses 2:3bulk comparing adds water, grind with colloid, relapse abrade 4-5 second, until broken fineness amount to 10-15 ц M till. To hold nutrient part, its are abrade can use the water that kill blueness with water.

4, add pink to allocate: Grind in colloid salt, gourmet powder is joined in abrade process, eat the complementary stuff such as pigment of pigment of thick chili sauce of vinegar, liquor, white sugar, hemp, chili, sorghum, make dawdle starch. the edible agaragar that has dissolved, in pressing 0.2% scale to enter the dawdle oar after allocating at 60 ℃ transfer to a lower level, edge border mix is even.

5, cent installs sterilization: The outfit of cent of dawdle hemp thick chili sauce that will made up refines at 250g or 500g inside vitreous bottle, opening adds polypropylene film 1, iron builds heal, be in 1kg/ square centimeter the sterilization below vapour pressure maintains 45min can.

6, finished product: This tasting for solid shape, show sauce red, hemp is hot tastily, carry tart flavor slightly, the expiration period is 8-10 month.


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