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"Korea pickle normal temperature is protected qualitative " difficult problem de
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Korea pickle element gets with its distinctive local color and peculiar sanitarian function consumer blue narrow one's eyes. To avoid metamorphism, korea pickle is storing, carry, sale process requires microtherm refrigeration, this raised the manufacturing cost of the enterprise undoubtedly. Accordingly, all the time since, "Korea pickle normal temperature is protected qualitative " it is the cosmopolitan difficult problem that defeats solution urgently together. A few days ago, tianjin city China Zhao Yaodong of director of big provision advisory service center expresses, the research about this problem oneself obtain a breakthrough, protect below condition of Korea pickle normal temperature pledge personal classics makes 6 months reality.

Our country imported pickle from Korea first 1996. Because China produces the entrance price of pickle to have Korea only,produce pickle price 1/3 and quality does not have bigger difference, korea pickle supplies unit share to turn to import pickle in great quantities from China. Have more very person, of China of entrance of company of individual Korea pickle " semi-manufactured goods pickle " (bloat Chinese cabbage) hind mix on spice, the Korea on mark produces brand to sell or be exported to Japan in home market. The data that Korea government publishs shows, korea pickle imported a quantity to be 393 tons only 2001, and Korea achieved seventy-two thousand six hundred tons from the amount of Chinese entrance pickle 2004, 4 years time grew 185 times. Nowadays, chinese pickle holds the 18 % of Korea market, company of about 300 Korea imports China to produce pickle. But, korea pickle is storing, carry, microtherm refrigeration requires in selling a process, lose edible value and commodity value extremely easily otherwise, this waits to travel, office worker specific into group bring inconvenience, also raised cost to enterprise of imports and exports.

Current name is Korea pickle international " Kimchi " , the definition that is aimed at Korea pickle product, indispensible raw material, alternative raw material, additive agent for food and Codex Alimentarius Commission (the commendation of criterion carries out the concerned food sanitation that Codex) sets the standard have clear, specific provision. Be worth what carry is, the foundation is made fall in what accord with international norms, in maintain Korea tradition pickle on the foundation of basic frame, korea pickle allows to use the safe additive agent for food that Codex permits, this means the additive agent for food that uses in Korea pickle must be natural with safety. Also accordingly, should realize Korea pickle to be protected below normal temperature condition qualitative, it is a cosmopolitan difficult problem. Current, in the market also can holds pickle sale, but pledge to can be protected below normal temperature condition, had high temperature mostly antiseptic processing, so pickle organization, mouthfeel produced a change.
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