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Chaffy dish makes edible knowledge
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Footing of Sichuan chaffy dish is made

Want modulation very former soup, need to understand former soup of Sichuan chaffy dish to need what seasoning above all. The main dressing that place of Sichuan chaffy dish uses has: Fabaceous valve (it is top grade with valve of Pi county beans) , juice of fabaceous Chi, fermented glutinous rice, Chinese prickly ash (it is beautiful with what Chinese source produces) , Laojiang, garlic, dry chili (produce with Sichuan " 2 metal bars " taste for beautiful) , refined salt (with oneself. These dressing can divide sex of the dissolve that it is fat and water-solubility from property two kinds.

The condiment that belongs to fat dissolve sex has fabaceous valve, garlic, Laojiang to wait. When using these condiment, must fry with oily stir-fry before stewing first, oily quantity should exceed flavour makings, firepower cannot too big, stir-fry before stewing fries time to should grow a little a few, ability makes flavour fills minute of separate out.

The condiment that belongs to water-solubility has juice of cooking wine, rock candy, fermented glutinous rice, refined salt, gourmet powder to wait, must join Shang Zhongcai to be able to give taste.

In addition, have volatile a few condiment to wait like Chinese prickly ash, chili, cooking wine, be heated time cannot grow too, also cannot pass short, too long volatilize excessive, flavour feels abate, too short flavour feels insufficient.

Current, a few new dressing are like sauce of curry powder, mustard, Zi like that pink also apply to chaffy dish to flavor. Some dressing are like Laojiang, garlic, dry chili to wait, must undertake before use knife labour is handled.

The cooking oil that Sichuan chaffy dish uses, basically have bovine oil, lardy, rape oil and sesame oil 4 kinds. Bovine oil can increase the fragrance in thick gravy, maintain the temperature of former soup, increase with the colour and lustre of makings; Lardy divide outside increasing former soup fragrance, but abate with the fishy smell of makings, peculiar smell; Rape oil makes stir-fry before stewing fry raw material and dip in of flavour with; Sesame oil is used lesser at soup juice, multi-purpose at flavour dish. In addition, still oil of chili oil, oyster sauce, miscella, chicken waits, also be to add the fragrance of chaffy dish and special flavor.

What does the burden of chaffy dish footing need?

Raw material: Rape oil is 2500 grams, arrogant oil valve of beans of county of 1500 grams, Pi is 1500 grams, dry chili 250 grams, ginger 100 grams, garlic 200 grams, green Chinese onion 300 grams, rock candy juice of 150 grams, fermented glutinous rice 500 grams, anise 50 grams of 100 grams, 3 Nai cassia bark 50 grams.

Make a way: 1, rape oil first refine is ripe; Bovine oil cuts small; Chop of valve of Pi county beans is fine; After doing chili to be boiled into boiling water boiler about 2 minutes, fish out wrings Cheng Rong, become chili of cooked glutinous rice pounded into paste namely; Ginger is patted broken; Garlic flay pares valve; Green Chinese onion draws a form; Rock candy is knocked broken; Anise, 3 Nai, cassia bark breaks small; Caoguo is patted broken. 2, on medium baking temperature of the buy that fry pan, roast meat heat is burned into rape oil after boiler, put Niu Youao to change, knot of valve of devoted ginger, garlic, green explodes sweet, issue valve of Pi county beans and chili of cooked glutinous rice pounded into paste then, turn to fry about 1 ~ 1.5 hours slowly with small fire, fry dry, aroma to fabaceous valve hydrosphere 4 excessive and when chili becomes white slightly, the green in picking a pot writtens guarantee need not. 3, immediately issues anise, 3 Nai, cassia bark, small Hui, caoguo, Asian puccoon, sweet leaf, herb, fair clove to wait, continue to fry about 15 ~ 20 minutes with small fire, when becoming deep to colour and lustre of the flavor in boiler, issue juice of rock candy, fermented glutinous rice, the moisture in using small fire to be boiled slowly to juice of fermented glutinous rice evaporates completely, leave boiler end blow hole at this moment, build warm up to cool to the raw material in boiler, become chaffy dish base namely.
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