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CFE2010 - witness the glorious 15 years of Chinese condiment
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In 1995, the Chinese condiment Association (hereinafter referred to as Association) was established in Beijing and formally approved. Since then, follow the "based on the industry, gather members, market-oriented, service enterprises," the newsletter, the Association is committed to all staff in the industry between business and government play an active role of a bridge and link to promote the Chinese condiment industry. Since the Association was founded fifteen years, China's flavoring industry, from weak to strong, and gradually grow into the development of China's food industry a new economic growth point. Rapid development of industry and the Chinese condiment made leap forward, by the relevant state departments, community and consumer attention and attention. To further expand the condiment industry and brand names of corporate social influence, and concluded 15 years of experience and seasoning industry development outcomes, the association decided that the 2010 'China International Fair spices and food ingredients (hereinafter referred to CFE2010) held during the Association fifth anniversary of the related celebrations. The celebration by the Chinese condiment network, "Chinese condiment industry", "seasoning distribution of" synergy Chinese food, Chinese food quality was reported nationwide, more than 40 well-known media tracking report. Two major components of celebration, on the one hand, two sets of CCTV, "China Business Report" will be famous condiment business and industry leaders in-depth interviews and reports, full of condiments industry outstanding corporate culture. On the other hand, the association will be invited to the condiments and related industries, business executives, government departments, Academy of Engineering, research institutions, experts and related industries, media persons, CFE2010 exhibition held at the same seasoning industry in China fifteen year experience and Development Summit Forum on China seasoning industry strategy development, brand building, marketing, production technology, distribution channels, such as summary and discussion of all aspects, and spices to form the industry fifteen years of excellent and outstanding figures in recognition of the brand. The recognition of the flavoring industry covers various industries leading brands, the most internationally competitive enterprises, the most competitive enterprises of capital, the best reseller partners, the best food machinery, equipment partners, most growth enterprises , the industry exploits entrepreneurs, to sum up experience of development, to exemplary effect, promoting the development of the condiment industry. Autumn in November, CFE2010 invite you to come to Shanghai Everbright Convention and Exhibition Center, China witnessed 15 years of seasoning brilliant!