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Let standardization lead bean products industry to carry fast
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The beans makes provision, cate of an ancient name for China, result from China, fashionable world, "Beans breast elite, benefit lustre world. "

However, because bean products produces difference of company a copy kept as a record, investment little, doorsill is low historical reason, bean products quality and manufacturing company standard become national general issue not high. Concerned expert points out, raise standard of quality of whole of bean products industry to already became urgent matter, should exert oneself from build and perfect new product of system of bean products standard and development two respects proceed with.

The question is more as we have learned, arrive from 1992 now, the appearance of industry of countrywide bean products produced very big change. Stride to industrialization from dispersive low-level treatment stage by stage, wait in Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Ning Bo especially big in the city began to dimensions is changed and standardize production.

"But quality of bean products product and level of manufacturing company industrialization are not high still be national global problem. " Zhang Zhenshan of chairman of association of Beijing bean products says, the current situation of bean products industry is, the dimensions company that forms a brand is less, industrialized rate is low, product quality standard works body on the low side. He tells a reporter, association of Beijing bean products undertook investigating discovering to market of Beijing bean products 2006, with respect to the sale of Beijing bean products gross looks, normal and legal industry produces sale to occupy the 60%~65 % of gross about, black mill sale occupied the 35%~40% of total sale.

Zhang Zhenshan says, level of whole of industry of Beijing bean products is in front row in industry of countrywide bean products, the problem with other similar area is likewise. Occupy total bureau of national qualitative check additionally selective examination to show as a result, in recent years, countrywide bean products selectives examination percent of pass all is like person meaning very much. Quality of product of countrywide bean products selectived examination 2005 percent of pass 70% , blame ferment quality of product of sexual bean products selectives examination percent of pass is only 56.0% ; And bean products selectived examination 2006 percent of pass has 66 % only. Pledge according to country of not long ago check always selectives examination of the bureau to show as a result, the main problem that bean products exists is, some product protein content are low; Some violates compasses use antiseptic; Return some violating compasses use formaldehyde of vitriolic hydrogen natrium (condole Bai Kuai) . "This explains, build and perfect relevant standard system, from go up at all raise standard of bean products quality to already became urgent matter. "

Double breakthrough is aimed at the current situation of industry of current bean products, the expert points out, should exert oneself from build standard of bean products product to reach those who make very traditional product to change two respects proceed with will improve product quality, in order to salute the advent of spring of bean products market.
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