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Food of the 16th Muscovite international is exhibited
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Exhibit meeting name: Food of the 16th Muscovite international is exhibited
Showpiece time: 2007/9/18 exhibits to 2007/9/21 periodic: 1
Exhibit meeting area: 2-0 exhibits meeting property: Open to the businessman only
Exhibit meeting address: Muscovite EXPOCENTRE exhibits a center to exhibit house title: Muscovite EXPOCENTRE exhibits a center
Sponsor an unit: ITE shows a company
Undertake unit: Beijing is gotten collect international to show limited company
Assist run an unit: /

Exhibit meeting content:

The flesh kind product: Fresh pork kind, dehydrogenation flesh kind, refrigerant flesh kind, vacuum-packed flesh kind, birds kind the flesh, banger, ham bowel, bacon kind, meat stuffing.
Fish product: Fresh fish, refrigerant fish, the fish works, herring fish, caviar, seafood.
Cheese products: Cling to the family name disinfects a grandma / breast, bright milk / breast, pure Xian Niu is suckled / breast, tallow kind, vegetable oil.
Non-staple food category: Cereal, flour, noodle, biscuit, reduce provision, chili, dressing.
Snacks kind: Candied, chocolate, cocoa, potato piece, food of of all kinds baby, milk powder.
Vegetable / fruit / dry fruit: Each division is new, coal tub outfit, process product of kind of vegetables and fruits.
Beverage kind: Tea, coffee, coke, fruit juice, mineral water, distilled water.
Wine kind: Cocktail, beer, liquor, champagne, whisky, brandy, vodka, field mint wine, bishop
Smoke kind: Of all kinds cigarette, cigar, nicotian. Food enginery: Food package machine, cold storage. Frozen plant, coffee hall / bar / dining-room / snack store equipment. Article carry / transmission equipment, qualitative check is implemental, say to weigh equipment.


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