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In Kazakstan Si Tan inferior commodity is exhibited
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Exhibit meeting name: In Kazakstan Si Tan inferior commodity is exhibited
Showpiece time: 2007/1/1 exhibits to 2007/10/10 periodic: 3
Exhibit meeting area: 452-453 exhibits meeting property: Open to businessman and public
Exhibit meeting address: International extends a center to exhibit house title: 2 exhibit a house
Sponsor an unit: Kazakstan Si Tan
Undertake unit: Kazakstan Si Tan
Assist run an unit: Kazakstan Si Tan

Exhibit meeting content: L building exhibits product category: Construction program, design and project; Build commerce and technology; Building materials raw material and product, heat preservation heat-insulating material and product; Build element and construction, the loop of housing materials is used; Construction machinery, build raw material and product treatment machine and facility; Building tool; Headroom exercise defends net, shutter, scaffold; Of all kinds mould and tool; Building law, build technical standard, the building is measured accuse, the building obtains evidence, building automation; Building information, seek advice, financing; Architecture literature, teach and build a school; Bath crock, swimming-pool, hot spring. L is warm, wei Yu, air conditioning category: Warm, air conditioning, refrigeration technology; Protect bath product, defend bath fittings; Conduit, conduit installation, conduit fittings and accessory; Water pump; The building is measured, control and processing technique; Warm a tool, equipment. L builds power supply, category of lamps and lanterns: Wire cable, electrical wiring raw material and technology, lamps and lanterns and electrical engineering technology, power plant, power source, the TV in the building and telecommunication equip, build signal and information facility, building security system, measure a tool, install tool and equipment with report.
Trade of construction of “ Czech international is met ” is the building with the oldest district of middle east Europe integrated exhibition, by Czech international the building is exhibited (the 13rd) , czech Wei Yu, warm, air conditioning is exhibited (the 8th) with Czech international lamps and lanterns, equipment of building power supply is exhibited (the 4th) course of study of 3 three-year institution of higher learning exhibits composition, exhibition overcomes the biggest exhibition company Veletrhy Brno As to show a company by nimble (Dusaierduofu is in Germany the subsidiary of Czech) hold. Extending meeting theme 2005 is green the sources of energy (Green Energy) , have come from a whole world the 1521 enterprises ginseng of 24 countries is exhibited. Whole exhibit an area to achieve 74, 000 square metre, attract 100, 000 professional audiences attend.
Czech gross area kilometer of 80 thousand square, population 10 million. After joining an European Union, economy grows continuously, production of country of average per capita always reached 10 thousand dollar 2004. Structure of Czech country economy is perfect, be located in middle east Europe and the joint of Western Europe, the function of bridge tower is had in entering whole Europe market.
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