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7 years burden of Russia international food is exhibited
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Exhibit meeting name: 7 years burden of Russia international food is exhibited
Showpiece time: 2007/12/4 exhibits to 2007/12/7 periodic: 1
Exhibit meeting area: 0-0 exhibits meeting property: Open to the businessman only
Exhibit meeting address: Muscovite Crocus exhibits a center to exhibit house title: Muscovite Crocus exhibits a center
Sponsor an unit: ITE shows a company
Undertake unit: Beijing is gotten collect international to show limited company
Assist run an unit: /

Exhibit meeting content:

Additive agent for food: Inorganic agent of the flavor of essence of the loose agent of the acidity agent, agent that fight a form, anti-foaming agent, antioxidant, bleacher, Peng, velamen agent, colorant, agent that protect quality, compound additive agent for food, emulsifying agent, enzymatic preparation, edible, agent that add flavor, flour, moisture maintains dose of aggrandizement of agent, nutrition;
Food burden: Grease of alcohol of starch, metamorphic starch, amylaceous candy, sugar, edible and fat substitute, special flour, yeasty goods, low get together vegetables of protein of candy, vegetable, prandial fiber, fruit and flesh kind all sorts of freeze-dry food, stuffing are makings, flavoring, sweet laborious makings, chili; Product of products of burden of food of sex of tea of soybean products, nut, fast dissolve, function, cocoa, egg;
Food packs the material that pack and machinery of treatment of mechanical, food, food to detect technology and equipment;
Groom related orgnaization, professional media.


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