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The 8th Nanjing (the whole nation) trade fair of Spring Festival food and group
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Exhibit meeting name: The 8th Nanjing (the whole nation) trade fair of Spring Festival food and group are bought meeting (in January 2009 7 12 days one)
Showpiece time: 2009/1/7 exhibits to 2009/1/12 periodic: 1
Exhibit meeting area: 215-216 exhibits meeting property: Open to businessman and public
Exhibit meeting address: Nanjing culture art exhibits a center to exhibit house title: Nanjing new century shows limited company
Sponsor an unit: Nanjing new century shows limited company
Undertake unit:
Assist run an unit:

Exhibit meeting content:
All sorts of names actor or actress roasted seeds and nuts of product of birds of food of new provision, green food, food oily food, health food, recreational food, quick frozen food, bake, flesh, dressing, dairy produce, dried fruit, local speciality is tasted especially, produce; All sorts of wine kind, beverage, tea, coffee; Cap of shoe of gift of cuisine things, craft, bedding, dress, recreational articles for use and contemporary household articles for use.
Nanjing is center of the politics that Jiangsu saves, economy, culture, the huge market that having 6 million population consumes latent capacity, she is located in the traffic hub of Hua Dong area, the market that saves city to periphery has driving radiate and belt to move action, all through the ages is taken seriously by broad manufacturer and businessman place.
The Spring Festival is China's the biggest, most festival in a year traditional festival. Spring Festival eve, it is numerous unit and broad citizen the time that in the consumption after busying one year the biggest, consumption focuses most. The “ that from 2002 Spring Festival eve holds first Nanjing (the whole nation) ” of trade fair of Spring Festival food arrives the “ that Spring Festival eve held 2008 the 7th Nanjing (the whole nation) trade fair of Spring Festival food and group buy meeting ” , provided an optimal room that purchases Spring Festival food centrally to numerous unit and broad citizen, also offerred to reveal the enterprise elegant demeanour, superexcellent opportunity that seeks product of company of product representative, sale for broad manufacturer at the same time. Have provision of oil of the new provision of name spy actor that comes from countrywide each district, green food, grain, quick frozen food, dressing, alcoholic drink kind, beverage, local speciality is tasted wait for ginseng of more than 1000 enterprises to exhibit. Because we did many conduct propaganda, organization to work before the meeting, accordingly, during 7 Fair, the inside and outside that exhibit a house is atmosphere enthusiastic, person wave is moved, unit group is bought, citizen 0 buy eagerly. Hot sale, your numerous come round shopper come back with fruitful results, your broad ginseng exhibited an enterprise to receive very good society benefit and economic benefits.
“ the 8th Nanjing (the whole nation) trade fair of Spring Festival food and group buy meeting ” to still choose to be in Spring Festival eve (on January 26 the Spring Festival) the superexcellent opportunity that purchases flourishing of person energy of life is held. Good to do this year exhibit meeting, the organizing committee will do work of good conduct propaganda, organization, plan further, purchase demand of Spring Festival food in order to satisfy vast enterprise, citizen. Exhibit an enterprise to obtain the pursuit that better social benefit and economic benefits are us to join, we will as always, for “ ” of trade fair of food of winter jasmine of the 8th Nanjing manages it is bigger, better to get and indefatigable effort.
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