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Hutch state soy is produced can come
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Recently, guangdong delicate delicacy flavors the soy of hutch state card that food limited company produces obtains Xu Cheng to be " banquet of people congress hall uses sauce " , it is the obtains this special honour exclusively product in countrywide dressing industry. In addition, produce to rise on the foundation that assures character can, hutch state soy already started two production base at present. The personage inside course of study thinks, hutch state soy makes state banquet articles for use, indicate the brand participates in a dressing mainland competition of market of domestic high administrative levels already obtained major breakthrough.

Onefold soy develop reachs more than 100 kinds

In recent years, the henry family name, nest, dressing that combines the tycoon crossing a state such as benefit China to be in China attacks a city to swept past the ground to acquire larger market share on the market. Face so intense market competition, delicate little company passes meticulous market survey and sufficient argumentation, in original brand " Qi river bridge " on the foundation, rolled out " hutch state " and " beautiful home " two new brands. Among them, hutch state soy basically locates in high-end product, be aimed at high-grade market; Product of beautiful home series criterion the need according to consumer of disparate arrangement of ideas, in basically be aimed at cheap market, in order to face the consumer of different spending administrative levels. Still answer the consumptive group need such as dining room of partial wine shop, big archives, worker, roll out the cheap and fine old product that pack, in order to satisfy the diversification requirement of meal industry.

As we have learned, at present delicate little company produces management product to already enclothed 9 old series from onefold soy, cross 100 breed. Among them, series of hutch state brand also is extended by hutch state soy to gallinaceous pink (essence of life) , 8 series such as juice of oyster sauce, chicken, vinegar, bechamel, fermented bean curd, gourmet powder. Hutch state soy is depending on flavour delicacy, nutrition the delegate that the characteristic with tall, distinct personality makes sauce of domestic high end. In the strict examine and verify of management board of people congress hall, hutch state soy is to depending on numerous advantage to win out finally in congener application product more. Hutch state soy is had the honor to win " banquet of people congress hall uses sauce " , it is delicate little company puts forward " do China best " a kind of explanation of the concept.

New base is produced per year amount to 250 thousand tons

Traceable of delicate little company is clear the sweet hill a shop making and selling sauce at the beginning of end civilian, experienced joint state-private ownership, state-owend enterprise to turn early or late make, modernization is managed wait for a few phase. After new China holds water, sweet hill a shop making and selling sauce holds water at executing joint state-private ownership 1956 " mill of feed of stone Qi sauce " . As the changes of the times, 1987 conformity is " total factory of food of Zhongshan city delicate delicacy " . At the beginning of 2000, reorganization for Guangdong delicate delicacy flavors food limited company is entered appear on the market the fire in the company is new and high and subordinate, open the big screen that dressing modernization runs. In recent years, delicate little company is more with " do China best " for the target, with advanced brew technology and outstanding product quality, obtained multinomial honor in succession, the market is had lead front row of course of study of person of the same trade of whole nation of progressively ascend body.
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