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Li Leqi is moved new round " quality plan "
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Recently, interest happy firm announces the food treatment with banner whole world and supplier of the solution that pack start new round " quality plans " , aim to promote client satisfaction to spend through carrying out the character with rigidder standard, more outstanding pursuit, carry out goes " grow jointly with the client " management concept.
Benefit is happy will solve this from product development, problem, the supplier manages and establish 4 respects such as quality awareness to improve product quality continuously. Presiding apparitor Yang Desen shows benefit happy whole world, concrete step will include: It is a foundation with client demand, make a product develop a plan; Carry out effective early days test, do one's best ensures the first pace the right way of products plan; Enhance analysis and the ability that solve product problem, improve whole journey to dog system, strengthen the communication with the client; Farther aggrandizement supplier manages, perfect supplier choice and quality guarantee system; Establish complete a quality awareness, be relied on better and use the each quality measure of flow level.
Discover not hard from inside executive detail, benefit is happy put client demand in the first place from beginning to end, the program such as products plan and quality monitoring, all without exception builds the base that communicating adequately with the client, it is ultimate goal with promoting client satisfaction to spend. In the meantime, plan this carry out still will pay attention to aggrandizement employee quality awareness, make everybody understands quality deeply happy to benefit the importance with the client, will go after outstanding quality to regard as oneself, unitive cooperation, climb a peak in all.
Benefit is happy will evaluate from two levels " quality plans " executive effect: Flow respect will be measured according to quality, cost and time; Business outstanding achievement will be evaluated according to area, product and client. Not only the comprehensive sex that assured to plan to carry out and scientific sex, also have high reference sense to improving outstanding achievement further.


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