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Spring be good at lienal raise gastric good time
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Doctor of chairman of Li Qian compose says digestive internal medicine of hospital of Beijing traditional Chinese medical science: "Spring everythings on earth is sent newly, maw arrived the most active, when having taste most. But spring also is 100 disease inereasingly when, if at ordinary times taste is not quite good, had better undertake maintaining right now. "

When spring appetite leaves greatly, if eat the food with sticky hard, raw or cold food, fat thick sugariness, or eat too fully, make the stomach loads hard, cause gastric ulcer possibly, make the person makes next stomach trouble in spring. Some people are grumpy, movability irascibility, arrived spring diseases with such symptoms as coastal pain slants excessive, injure taste more easily absorb digestive function.

Always have the person of big fish big meat at ordinary times, arrived spring, appropriate eats lily, lotus seed, yam, big jujube to wait more be good at lienal the food that raises a stomach, these make the same score the thing that Gan Wen fills, make taste more active, shorten the time that food piles up in intestines and stomach, can prevent tall blood fat, hypertension.

Spring food should comply with the characteristic of solar term, like to eat acidity alimental at ordinary times person, want to eat less at this moment, because, spring is emanative season, and acidity food has convergent function, if continue to eat sick at heart more, go against the get rid of the stale and take in the fresh of the body, can have caustic taste. Be fond of the person that feeds acid, it is OK to eat sweet taste food more benefiting taste.

Spring be good at lienal raise a stomach, dietotherapy is very important, shang Youjian of fish of turnip crucian carp is for instance lienal the effect of beneficial stomach; Congee of lily polished glutinous rice has the effect that treats gastralgia be perturbed, still can aid Morpheus, suit busy office worker most. Immune force eats the green that a few have lukewarm filling effect, garlic and leek to wait than lower person, can enhance the strength of the body, resist the disease that chill gives priority to. Slant to lose at body the person of deficiency of vital energy, can eat more a few be good at the food that lienal beneficial enrages, the congee that be like rice, yam, yam, egg.

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