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China pledges check publishs
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  Total bureau of Chinese country qualitative check publishs compliance of qualitative check department late on September 1 to serve an industry 15 measure, express to will fulfil obligation, service go ahead of the rest.

Total bureau of Chinese country qualitative check comes on stage tonight " a certain number of measure that company of good about be being done further service works " , according to " fulfil obligation, service go ahead of the rest " principle, affirmatory 15 concrete step that serve for the enterprise.

These 15 measure include to reduce export goods to selective examination detect frequency second, to a kind of industrial product export business reduces type experiment frequency second, report to according with the enterprise of the requirement to approbate what its issue to detect among them; Recommend the enterprise that accords with a condition to be registered in abroad, solve what the enterprise encounters in abroad to connect close suffocate suffocate problem to wait.

Chinese country pledges check total bureau expresses, publishing these 15 measure this is to be carried out deep implement scientific progress concept, to maintain economy stable rapidder development makes new contribution. China is various qualitative check orgnaization superintends further change means, contain is superintended at the service in, according to the enterprise good the need of rapid development, do the work of good service company seriously. Of these measure carry out the help the enterprise simplifies formalities, get useful information in time, the help is obtained in the much level such as policy, technology. Enterprise of broad imports and exports will bring to bear on to be connected quickly through these arrange involve rate, reduce company cost.

Origin: Chinese news network