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China is industrial and commercial strengthen
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  Taste the market and edible oily market to consume safety to ensure the Mid-autumn Festival, National Day is fed, uphold food market order, protective consumer closes right increase, chinese country is industrial and commercial total bureau asks each district is industrial and commercial today oily to food market and edible market is tight add superintend.

The country is industrial and commercial each district of total bureau requirement is aimed at " two " the characteristic of food market and edible oily market, aggrandizement is superintended execute the law the job, concentrated force quantity is begun special execute the law examination. Develop moon cake market centrally above all special execute the law examination. Attach most importance to a dot with high-grade hotel restaurant, wine shop, bazaar, supermarket, terminal market, strengthen convection to connect the supervisory examination of operator of link moon cake, supervise its to implement system of Zhang of stage of ticket of all alone of all alone card, replenish onr's stock strictly, father to close admittance of moon cake market; Retreat city in time excessive pack and unqualified moon cake.

Next, concentration begins edible oil the market is special execute the law examination. The management acid that in the light of edible oil the market exists beats the outstanding issue such as oil of degenerative bulk edible, oily to edible market undertakes clear in the round and be rectifyinged, admittance of main body of strict edible oily market, supervisory edible oily operator is built and implement the autonomic system such as ticket of all alone of all alone card and Zhang of stage of purchase and sale, the examination strength that should increase the place such as mart of trade of inn of pair of schools, hotel, big archives, meal, terminal market, market especially, investigate the illegal case of unqualified edible oil and oil of poisonous and harmful edible lawfully, and investigate distribute not to have a label, wait for illegal behavior without lawful origin and the edible oil that prove without qualification, severe blow makes carry out fake edible oil violates act. Each district should combine edible oil the market is special execute the law examination, build perfect edible oil to grow effect government mechanism.

The country is industrial and commercial each district of total bureau requirement with food of egg of grain, oily, flesh, dish, birds, fruit, dairy produce, cake, candied, beverage, children, health food, wine kind wait for festal consumption greatly and consumer appeal informs against much festival food is attached most importance to, the key area such as area of scene of community of department of outstanding country, urban and rural union, city, travel and station dock, the examination strength that increases dot of inn, small to snack small retailer, small vendor's stand, small mill, small market, begin concentration to clear to operator of the food inside area under administration examination, severe blow distribute is poisonous and harmful wait for illegal behavior with unqualified festival food. Origin: Chinese news network