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Industrial and commercial total bureau is urgent strengthen incomplete current l
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Beijing incomplete abstruse meeting is about to kick off. Chinese country is industrial and commercial total bureau issues urgent announcement today, strengthen Beijing incomplete further safety of current link food is superintended during abstruse meeting.

Announcement requirement aggrandizement is right incomplete abstruse meeting is current link food specializes in what offer a company only to superintend, fulfil food of current link Olympic Games to specialize in superintend responsibility for the enterprise only, 24 hours are stationed in bit of superintendency system, specialize in to current link offer company provision admittance only, trade and retreat city to undertake whole process is superintended, severe close for safety of abstruse food quality, accomplish current link to feed character to measure controallable, safe issue but date from.

Market of current link food supervises aggrandizement examination. Farther perfect market is daily system of go on a tour of inspection, with experience abstruse area attachs most importance to a dot, increase investigate ban without according to management strength, to food production management main body has comprehensive check and standard; Increase provision quality is monitored and food market quality detects quickly working strength, unqualified food retreats aggrandizement city works, begin food quality deep special execute the law examination; To incomplete supermarket of food of city of abstruse meeting competion area and food terminal market are executed be stationed in a type to superintend, guide and supervise operator to fulfil examination of replenish onr's stock strictly to check and accept legal liability and obligation, admittance of strict food market; Increase a case the platoon is checked and superintend and director is checked supervise and direct strength, severe blow makes carry out fake food violates act.

Aggrandizement lash-up deals with and consume dimension authority job. Farther perfect early-warning and lash-up beforehand case, expedite news channel, take strict precautions against produce food safety event; Develop 12315 consumer appeal adequately to inform against the action of the network, incomplete city of abstruse meeting competion area is versed in commercial firm politics runs office 12315 centers should continue to offer foreign language wiring to serve, dispute of seasonable mediation consumption and investigate consumptive tort to violate act, the market consumes safeguard incomplete during abstruse meeting safety and social harmony are stable.

Origin: Chinese news network

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