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"Good fast " 15
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Product quality is supervised selective examination not to examine to enterprise collection cost, the agricultural unit that pushs 200 or so every year develops good agriculture standard pilot attestation, the national level that preferential and authorized enterprise raises applies for, company of development of group of constituent technologist service is begun energy-saving fall bad news, quality management, examine the service activity such as quarantine, standard, attestation... these honest content, total bureau of national qualitative check published out on September 1 " a certain number of measure that company of good about be being done further service works " . Below the condition that develops in current economy, this " 15 acceptance " it may be said is service economy good the real move of rapid development.
Say it is good, behave look, method inside two respects.

It is a service content is good, warm popular feeling. From the service that publishs this measure is pleasant to the eye, have already new addition service content, also have in the effect in was being carried out in the past remarkable, often be served the industry by general gay content. Be like " measure " the goods of imports and exports to according with rated condition, will need to be declared twice in inland and port before (contain change testimony) , examine twice quarantine (or check) the practice turns into to declare examine with quarantine (or check) ; And in exit produce examines quarantine collects fees on, continue to implement derate policy. Such measure, reduced industry imports and exports on one hand pass time, reduced company cost, satisfied again on the other hand " doorknob passes the nation " need.

2 it is a service the step is good, way is quick. Superintendency method contain at the service in, will make pledge check system is in administration process convenient and efficient figure gets buildup further. In the past, in the job that serves an industry, in carry out fulfil science to develop the view, policy that carries economy to develop more quickly smoothly below guidance, politics look forward to ever accumulated a lot of fresh service experience together. If our administrative license examines and approve company start off before the others,examine a service to wait, it is the service of thorough enterprise a gleam of, such service method can be strengthened only, cannot weaken. Now, from " measure " be divulged the information that come out looks, "15 acceptance " emphasized law changing a course already, do not break human nature to change a concept again. If produce the enterprise of licence to take the kind such as fixed pay a return visit, Information Circular to obtaining, help enterprise knows the dynamic news of national level, executive detailed rules in time; Promotion of company of development of group of constituent technologist service is energy-saving fall the service measure of the respect such as bad news new technology, new technology, reflected everything adequately to be the enterprise consider, administration policy that serves an industry heart and soul.
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