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Food label manages a regulation to be carried out formally
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Since 1 day, the food label that the country pledges check total bureau is promulgated manages a regulation to be carried out formally, "Expectorant relieve a cough " , " fire of clear hot dispel " the advertisement word of this kind of vaunting on food officinal function, will prohibit appearing on the food bag that pack.
As we have learned, food label manages a regulation to belong to mandatory standard, if produce an enterprise to be abided by not strictly, will be in with highest 10 thousand yuan of amerce.
According to new rule, food packs the label on bag, must the manufacturing date that clarity tags food and expiration period. If the expiration period of food and store up the condition is concerned, what still ought to tag food is specific store up condition. But alcohol content 10% above (contain 10% ) beverage wine, feed salt of vinegar, edible, solid state to feed carbohydrate, lest divide,can tag the expiration period. Origin: Newspaper of Chinese food quality

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