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Pay close attention to analysis of food safety risk
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Standard of European good agriculture (EurepGAP) edit through structural sex, formed brand-new 3 edition whole world 2007 good agriculture standard (GlobalGAP) . New edition whole world seeks global support on the content when good agriculture standard is editing, global self-identity is sought on the concept, the method that the theory that the venture that managed global self-identity adequately in administrative in principle analyses and risk evaluate. So, the risk in how should understand and mastering GlobalGAP analyses a requirement, where is the solid bestow examine and verify that applies a risk to analyse directive GlobalGAP?

Risk analysis studies in safety of food of the closest whole world and manage a domain to already became current theory, among them risk is evaluated is a kind of method with food safety most feasible administration.

EurepGAP is in assemble the expert's wisdom undertakes changing related the whole world edition edit when forming 3 edition GlobalGAP, used the theory that the risk analyses adequately, the food safety of the produce that it pays close attention to jointly around the whole world closely and environmental protection and employee health material benefits, strive seeks the whole world to approbate, uniform good standard, risk analysis provided strong assistance to achieve these goals. In general principles (GlobalGAP IFA GR V 3.0-1) in made clear analysis of risk, risk and risk to evaluate, the definition that risk management and risk communicate. The reference point that advances in the article of reference point and accordance standard CPCC and the amount that accordance standard asks, detailed reachs importance to classification slightly all be a foundation with be being evaluated to the risk of produce, reflected the principle that the risk analyses adequately; No matter be module of all farm foundation, still be each stature module, all raised the requirement that the risk evaluates for many times in specific provision, and ask carry out active risk management; When generator of agriculture of the requirement in the standard produces food safety risk, want to be mixed actively with attestation orgnaization GlobalGAP administration (FoodPLUS GmbH) communicate.

Anyhow, globalGAP of good agriculture standard reflected 3 edition whole world the principle that the risk analyses, put forward safe to food, environmental protection and employee health respect to undertake the risk evaluates the requirement that runs with the risk, reference point and the amount that accordance standard CPCC asks, detailed reachs importance to classification slightly all evaluate with the risk for the foundation, reflected the gain that the risk evaluates adequately.

The risk analyses the application in executive GlobalGAP.

The theory that the risk analyses and the method that wind evaluates nearly. In GlobalGAP 2007 year the reference point that promulgated on July 2 and accordance standard are all farm foundation part, when asking to implement good agriculture standard for many times, undertake the risk evaluates zephyr danger to manage.
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