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Food label management provides
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  Rose on September 1, the country pledges check total bureau is promulgated " food label administers a regulation " apply formally, former State Bureau of Technical Supervision announces " investigate food label to violate behavior to set " abolish at the same time. New " set " regulation, food label general have " 6 forbid " --

- manufacturing date and expiration period forbid to forge new " regulation " regulation, forge or tag food to produce date and expiration period phonily, place fine 10 thousand yuan below with 500 yuan of above; The clue causes consequence badly, according to undertakes condemnatory about regulation of law, administrative regulations. Additional, the name, name of producing area, generator and letterhead content prohibit forging or food label ought to tag food phonily.

- food label forbids to boast officinal function has 7 kinds of content general to must not appear in food label, be like bright show or allude those who have effect of disease of precaution, cure; Be not health food bright show or allude those who have sanitarian effect; The means of misdirect is described or perhaps introduce food in order to cheat; Additional product specification cannot confirm its basis, also cannot use ensign, national emblem or the RMB undertake tagging waiting. This is meant, appear on food label later " expectorant relieve a cough " " clear hot reduce internal heat " " increase memory " wait for model of written characters to all be belonged to violate compasses act.

- " nutrition " " aggrandizement " forbid food of informal bid aggrandizement to have the vitamin such as aggrandizement A, B, C, add iron, calcium to wait mineral and add each kind such as the protein such as egg ammonia acid, involve a variety of provision such as milk, biscuit, biscuit, salt. Food is tagged in its name or specification " nutrition " " aggrandizement " of model of written characters, ought to concern a provision according to national level, tag the nutriment of this food and quantity of heat, the ration that accords with national level regulation is indicative.

- there is antiseptic to forbid not to tag agent of direct in food use sweet taste, antiseptic, colorant in food, ought to be in additive agent for food of burden detailed list suffix registers specific name; Use other additive agent for food, can tag specific name, sort or code. The scope of application of additive agent for food ought to be carried out according to the regulation of national level with use quantity.

- forbid to lack on label " food place of production " new " regulation " raised a new requirement: Food label ought to tag food place of production, food place of production ought to tag district of ground city class according to administrative division into districts.

- specification of caution of special provision Chinese forbids little new " regulation " requirement, in food occurrence medicine clinical proof causes a harm easily to special group; Course ionization radiate or ionization energy is treated; Belong to turn gene food perhaps is contained legal turn of gene raw material; Ought to tag other Chinese to explain according to the regulation such as law, code and national level, must undertake on its label Chinese caution explains.

New " regulation " execute the law investigate period began on December 1 from this year, because this comes since September 1,the food of treatment is produced between December 1, will not undertake investigating according to new rule. Origin: New civilian evening paper