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Delete superintendency code to do away with " control is all-purpose "
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The cutout of draft of food safety law that discussing is opposite besides the country the provision that the product implements superintendency code system related additive agent for food and food, food.

In superintending a system, the government that compulsive and all enterprise and act on of consumer an organic whole consolidate the government superintends plan, show the government tries to replace enterprise and the interest judgement with self-conscious consumer judgement, completely with the policy of oneself. If say, the target of governmental control is protective enterprise and consumer interest, so, who is more accurate than enterprise and consumer Where is the profit gain and loss of oneself of ground business accounting? The government that replaces enterprise and consumer to make an interest judge whether replace them, assume the risk after judgement and responsibility in the round?

Between the tentative idea of concerned branch, the target of superintendency code is superintend and director guides the enterprise strengthens quality management, provide good service for consumer. But actually, whether can a piece of superintendency code make the quality control that the government carries out, make to consumer certainly credit assures, be impeach actually. More troublesome is, cost huge cost to pay, and by consumer additional partake partial cost, and the accrual flow direction of superintendency code is unidentified, brought about the generation of chain of increase of a gray likely, make the market (enterprise and consumer) do not be willing to assume such changing to make effect.

Perhaps, the draft of food safety law that discussing deleted superintendency code to set, depend on discovering gradually about the branch: Superintend the new governmental control of the delegate that pile up place, violated the basic mechanism of market economy, its do not have how old and actual profit to normative market as a result, likely instead because was added more the layer class government of miscellaneous, bring about " visible hand " experience enters the market microcosmic level, affected the smooth movement of market nature order, such control policy is more, the end that the government expects from management is further, the ego of the market turns over flexibility stronger also.

The market is not not to need governmental control, but superintendency tenet of the government, it is the communal goods that offers the market to do not have, control the power that provides excellent service for the public with incentive market, with legal system safeguard people enjoys law to gift the freedom of the right, can be in those who do not have discrimination, the freedom that competes fairly in fair environment. If the government drives out because of market blemish the market, perhaps try to get the hand with the invisible manual operating that see in order to look, the method with planned economy " cut out " enterprise freedom and market competition, so, the legal environment that fits market economy health to grow cannot be built forever, market economy also does not go to give deformation and screwy shadow forever.
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