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Pickle condiment and dressing of sweet
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  The management that produces a business as Chinese pickle is better and better, no matter as homebred as Korea on quality and mouthfeel pickle already was not had,China produces pickle how old the difference returns excel Korea to produce pickle even, but go up in Korea market, china produces pickle the 1/4 that every kilograms of price produces pickle price for Korea only arrives 1/2, and the export price that Korea produces pickle is more medium of homebred pickle price 4 arrive sixfold. Accordingly, importer of produce of a few Korea begins to import manufacturing pickle from China " component " , " semi-manufactured goods pickle " (bloat Chinese cabbage) with pickle condiment, assemble pickle of crude manufactured goods in Korea next, affix Korea to produce brand to sell or be exported to Japan in Chinese market again, in order to acquire more interests. According to Korea custom statistic, this year 1~7 month, korea is imported from China " mixture flavoring " 8876 tons, sixteen million four hundred and eighty-one thousand dollar, increased respectively compared to the same period 47.3% with 34.2% , among them, entrance pickle condiment 4879 tons, 4.271 million dollar, was last year respectively of the corresponding period 157.4% with 163.1% .

Although Korea is imported from China " mixture flavoring " growth rate is rapidder, but also there is no lack of a few problems, near future Korea is produced to China " mixture flavoring " reported many cases microbial exceed mark or pigment to exceed bid. As we have learned, a few importer of Korea are declared in the entrance when, declare pickle condiment and dressing of sweet laborious makings mixture flavoring " MIXED SEASONING " , actually two products connect in Korea close and examining is distinguishing when quarantine:

HS encode is different. Dressing of sweet laborious makings is 2103909030; Pickle condiment is 2005999000.

Custom duty is different. HS encode is for the commodity custom duty of 2103909030 8% ; And the custom duty of pickle condiment is 20% .

Food type is different. Dressing of sweet laborious makings basically is to point to what machine for main raw material with all sorts of sweet laborious makings to flavor product, one kind is onefold treatment product, wait like sauce of pepper, mustard. Another kind is compound treatment product, divide again among them it is two kinds: One kind is sweet laborious makings and the compound product that sweet laborious expects, be like pink of the five spices, 13 sweet etc; Another kind is the compound product of sweet laborious makings and other dressing, the sauce that be like a face, pepper sauce, beans sauce, and pickle condiment is the sauce that is used technically at making pickle.

Wholesome level is different. The wholesome standard of dressing of sweet laborious makings does not get check to go out for the material that did not indicate in label, tar pigment does not get check to go out, coliform organisms is electronegative (antiseptic product) , coliform group electronegative (except of antiseptic product, dry product) , mould 10 the following; The wholesome standard of pickle condiment and pickle are same, namely lead 0.3 milligram / kilogram the following, cadmium 0.2 milligram / kilogram the following, tar pigment does not get check to go out, preservative does not get check to go out, coliform organisms is electronegative (the antiseptic product that pack) .
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