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The not easy degenerative food such as salt is allowed not tender expiration per
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Feed salt of vinegar, edible, solid state to feed these food such as carbohydrate to be allowed to need not tag the expiration period. On September 3, reporter from the The Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region quality technology supervisory bureau learns, the country pledges check total bureau is promulgated " food label administers a regulation " (the following abbreviation " regulation " ) already carried out formally at rising on September 1. Set among them, above food will be allowed not to tag the expiration period.

According to " set " , alcohol content is in 10% above (the beverage wine that contains 10%) , eat sugar of salt of vinegar, edible, solid state these 4 kinds of food can be absolved tag the expiration period, because,this is these food " circumstance of metamorphism of food of not easy generation " .

In addition, " regulation " say, to be suspected of in food bright show or allude those who have effect of disease of precaution, cure, also belong to the limits that be banned. For instance ' fire of clear hot dispel ' , ' expectorant relieve a cough ' such word also is banned to use. Otherwise, violate compasses enterprise to will inspect clue weight to be in with lowest 500 yuan, highest 10 thousand yuan amerce.
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