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Formulate of our country general and release " policy of industrial design indus
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Arrive from industry and understanding of department of policy of informatization ministry industry, this year will according to the State Council " of short duration of stimulative industry structural adjustment sets all right " requirement, finish " catalog of guidance of industrial structural adjustment (2005 this) " edit the job, finish as soon as possible " policy of industrial design industry " formulate and release.

Industry and informatization ministry still will be in organization of main industry field is begun " the policy measure that transforms promotion convention industry with IT suggests " task research, begin research of policy of communication estate industry, organize special subject survey, thorough knowledge productivity serves the current situation that industry grows and problem, research drafts the policy measure of stimulative development.

One draft and organizing policy of industry of solid construction industry, communication estate is industry and informatization ministry weighs important post duty. As we have learned, industry and informatization ministry will carry research, draft, policy of industry of estate of executive industry, communication, apply state law, economy and administrative measure integratedly to adjust resource configuration, guide a society to invest way, normative enterprise manages action, promote promote traditional industry with advanced and applicable technical reformation, drive informatization and industrialized confluence, means of progress of implementation change economy, take aim of strategy of new-style industrialized viatic.

Origin: Xinhua News Agency

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