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Li Changjiang emphasizes: Close good quality ensure provision is safe
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Recently, the country pledges check total bureau holds working seminar in Tianjin. Zhang Gaoli of secretary of Tianjin municipal Party committee, huangxing country interviewed vice secretary of municipal Party committee, mayor to come on August 31 afternoon the party of Li Changjiang of director of total bureau of national qualitative check that ferry attends the meeting.
Zhang Gaoli pledges to the country seminar of job of check total bureau is held in ferry express congratulation. He says, qualitative check job is a thing close economic society to develop overall situation and people the main job of prime increase. As the development of the development of reforming and opening and economic society, qualitative check branch is expanding open to the outside world, the respect such as harmony of rights and interests of masses of supportive economy progress, safeguard, stimulative society is producing mainer and mainer effect. We should be carried out deep implement scientific progress concept, insist to be with the person this, father to involve quality security, fulfil system of job responsibility strictly, grab qualitative check job fine catch solid had caught, serve people better, stimulative economy society good rapid development.
Huang Xingguo says, the country pledges check total bureau cares the development of Tianjin very, offerred a lot of support and help. Especially the State Council comes on stage " the opinion that develops open concerned problem about boosting Tianjin seaside new developed area " hind, the country pledges check total bureau offerred 20 measure very quickly, had powerful stimulative effect to accelerating development of seaside new developed area to open. Hope country pledges check total bureau supports Tianjin as always to work. Tianjin pledges inspect branch wants to perform function seriously, deepen reform ceaselessly, safeguard consumer rights and interests lawfully, make positive contribution to reform development to stabilize.
Li Changjiang expresses, the country pledges check total bureau holds this job seminar, advocate the demonstrative spirit that if learn the leader central to confrontation,check works and concerned law laws and regulations, delibrate strengthens the method measure that qualitative check works. We want firm the concept that establishs safe development, involve good quality security, ensure safety of door of food safety, country and special type facilities are safe, in the service region economy grows, the effect with the bigger play in safeguarding reform to develop stable overall situation.
Origin: Newspaper of Chinese food quality

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