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Pork rises in price, map agriculture industrialization is quickened
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See on media Premier Wen wants to care live pig breed aquatics to Shaanxi country door message, ponder in the heart, the country should have an action again, medium or small agricultural business accepts passivity again new round industry shuffles, agricultural industrialization is about to carry fast.
Pork rises in price, had begun from the beginning of the year, a month is basic recently it is a day of one price, beijing pork price the raise on a month 14, the price turns over times than last year; Shenyang flesh price a year of varus time; Shijiazhuang flesh price rose 4 times in January; The pork that do not have stannum all valence is in 19 yuan / kilogram over, the pork price of Chinese major area has achieved the historical maximum price that gave nearly 10 years to come, pork spurt in prices already became each district citizen to heat up the topic that discuss. However, pork rises in price " butterfly effect " , had diffused the other industry such as chicken, duck, birds, egg. Pork rises in price, make the central point that the people of the whole country pays close attention to, already became the affairs of state.
The backside that pork rises in price is to breed door messy.
Long-term since, the aquaculture of our country is in messy and initiative condition all the time, some areas almost every be in every breed 1, 2 head or 3, 5, it is 20 years ago such, after 20 years today still is such, although 10 thousand farms are in ceaseless build, but medicinal powder raise remain the main aspect.
"Medicinal powder " easy " random " , without centralized management and guidance, great majority breed aquatics door contain extremely strong blindness and follow suit quality. Often appear, see some raised a pig to make money, next year need not say, mount a horse of whole village person works together, if deficit, that Is am sorry, be afraid a village breeds a specialist to be found very hard also.
As a result of oneself foundation and horizon restrict, mix in market level breed prices to forecast on, make judgement very well very hard, on the technology, more those who know is very little, it is to be imitated each other work accordingly, without relevant breed aquatics the technology grooms, fail to prevent and be handled effectively to contagion of birds of a few cultivate, cause pork quality uneven. The company that has intuitive knowledge sends ill hog into crematory, but return some problems pork to flow into the market directly, cause serious consequence.
As a result of this a variety of reasons, create market supply disequilibrium easily, not stable.
The backside that pork rises in price is to breed door the interest cannot get sufficient safeguard.
As a result of working reason, had seen company of bibcock of very much agriculture, among them, mostly operation mode is farmer company, but the demand of the amount of farmer and product raw material does not match, be equivalent to the half left and right sides of business demand only commonly, other in part needs to come loose a place buy, the price often is not secured. Market price case rises to fall greatly greatly subsequently.
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