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Idea of oily " of store up of " of citizen of will rational float does not have
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"Should buy bit of oil to put? " these days, the Cui aunt that lives in macrobian new residential quarter begins concern to rise, whether can case of edible oil price rise? Yesterday, the reporter understands, at present wave motion of case of oil price of this city edible returns reasonable sex interval, citizen can need not worry.

The reporter is in couplet China, home Le Fu, happy buy etc much home supermarket and sell greatly see, had gone up besides early days outside the peanut oil of valence, the price of soya-bean oil and blend oil still carries cost price. On the goods shelves of good mind supermarket, price of oily sales promotion of corn of happy benefit of 5 litres of outfit is 50.5 yuan only, the price of sea lion soybean oil of same size is 42 yuan. Introduce according to supermarket controller, these prices had not been adjusted two days this, the price of edible oil also did not adjust a plan temporarily.

Nevertheless, edible fat purchase price has small to rise. According to relevant controller of supermarket of fertile Er Ma Hu Minghua discloses, because all sorts of raw material rise in price, brought about a supplier to raise edible oil to receive price. Current, the supermarket is adjusting price group by group, extent still cannot be announced temporarily.

Last week, the purchase price of soybean oil already once fine tuning, of the soybean oil of 5 litres of outfit that sales volume centers quite have 2 yuan or so into valence go up. And now each supermarket, sell the kinds or types of goods that the sale wears on field, basically be the goods in stock before rising in price, the price after the ark on the edible oil that predicts new replenish onr's stock is met somewhat rise, but range is narrow.

As we have learned, before a month, peanut oil has had in the price inside countrywide limits bigger rise, into valence from every 5 litres 89 yuan rise reach every 5 litres 96 yuan, retail price already achieved every 5 litres 109.9 yuan. Be in Shanghai, peanut oil is not market main force, so the citizen feels not apparent. Market personage expresses, suffer international the influence that raw material of domestic farming by-product rises in price, wave motion of edible oil price attributes normal phenomenon, changing in close monitoring price at present, maintain connection with current business at any time, decrease as far as possible rise in price influence, warn a citizen, not " corner " of edible oil necessary. (Author: Mulish?

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