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Domestic produce general goes up short-term stuff goes even the beans strong
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Last week 5 outside dish strong those who rebound drive below, domestic agriculture products appears to rebound considerably yesterday prices. The expression that connect a beans is most driving, leave high with 3194 yuan, round-the-clock perch moves, 709 agreement rise 75 yuan reach 3218 yuan, period price with one action breaks through 60 days all line, go up a 2.39 % . Clinch a deal quantity relatively last week 5 raise 60 thousand more than hand considerably.

Behave even corn weaker, exalted concussion, end Pan Wei has fall after a rise, round-the-clock go up 16 yuan reach 1682 yuan, go up a 0.96 % , clinch a deal the quantity increases left and right sides of 150 thousand hand.

In addition, main legume product also follows the raise on soybean futures whole. The beans dregses of rice, soya-bean oil all jumps to leave high for nothing and strong on raise, dregs of rice even the beans 709 agreement rise 55 yuan reach 2591 yuan, go up a 2.17 % ; 709 agreement rise even soya-bean oil 208 yuan reach 7282 yuan, go up a 2.94 % . At the same time soya-bean oil already broke through the high point last month, achieve those who give 7288 yuan is new tall.

According to the monthly report that American Ministry of Agriculture publishs last week, the main produce such as corn, soja, wheat period end inventory all tall at the course of study before this wife person anticipates; Inventory of corn period end has 947 million bushel only, far the 1 billion bushel that predicts under analysts; Inventory of carry forward of 07/08 year new soja is 320 million bushel, under the average of 337 million bushel that the market calculates. The stronger interest that this data forms drives the United States more dish corn, soja last week 5 strong rebound.

On the other hand, produce whole rebounds more comes from the fast growth at demand to anticipate. Because alcohol industry produces demand to rise greatly, demand of new season corn increases outclass to anticipate, american Ministry of Agriculture predicts dosage of new season corn will achieve twelve billion four hundred and sixty-five million bushel, than going up year increase 7.7 percent, the alcohol of corn of 07/08 year United States produces dosage to be 3.4 billion bushel, prep above beforehand appraise is worth 3.2 billion bushel and the 2.15 billion bushel of on one year, already exceeded corn far the export volume of 1.975 billion bushel.

Below the premise that goes strong in integral demand, predicting corn still has the space that breaks through up. And corn demand is driving growth and those who sow plan accelerate, will make soja sows area reductive to anticipate further become reality, certain level supports the price of soja.

Respect of domestic merchandise on hand, product of each district legume buys what the price all has distinct range to rise yesterday. Among them Heilongjiang area soja is bought rise in price 1-2 cent, at present Harbin area soja buys the price not 1.43 yuan / jin, overall keep stable. Current home agriculture products relatively outside dish go force is powerful, short-term will continue even the beans strong, but also exist at the same time gain profit an accrual venture.
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