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Output increases demand not flourishing sugar price lasts to drop
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Current, sichuan saves sucrose advocate produce an area to had stopped extract. But planning when accrual, sugarcane grower people did not have last extracting however of season be mad with joy. On May 9, du Longfu of director of village of village of new field of countryside of Great Harmony of the county austral peace tells a reporter, the accrual of local sugarcane grower forms by two parts: It is sugar-refinery give protect a bottom to buy price, every tons 220 yuan; 2 return profit 2 times be sugar-refinery, this extracts the float of sugar price fluctuation with epigenesis city field to calculate according to stopping, sugar price returns profit 2 times high tall, sugar price is low return profit 2 times low.
According to afore-mentioned regulation, du Longfu is in last extracting season sold 35 tons of sugar cane to sugar-refinery, obtain 2 times return profit 2100 yuan. Extract season originally he sold 40 tons of sugar cane, output is more than last year 5 tons, but calculate by present sugar price, he can get be agreemented 2 times 400 yuan return profit only. Go, today great difference of sugar price it may be said.
Chengdu drops every tons compared to the same period 1000 yuan
On May 10, reporter in Chengdu terminal market understands spirits of 5 stone sugar, that day the sugar price of field of the Chengdu City only 3730 yuan / ton, relatively the corresponding period dropped every tons last year 1000 yuan of above, but this still has been been, the month still tumbles to cross 3660 yuan on / ton.
Actually, domestic sugar price stood generally oneself last year on 5300 yuan / ton after high point (Chengdu spot market more achieve 5500 yuan / ton above) , begin to turn around downward, chase class diving, innovate repeatedly low, to the end of last year August, domestic sugar price already was in 3900 yuan / ton the following, price of sugar of field of the Chengdu City is in 4000 yuan / or so tons wander. After this, although have,rebound, but transitory, pick up litre of situation again hard. The city after the personage inside course of study is right looks generally weak, think " as new candy a large number of appearing on the market, sugar price still will have one round drop prices " .
Place of expert of no less than expects, opened price of the sugar after year to continue last year drop situation. Nowadays, white sugar jobber people keep an enterprise going by painstaking effort, stock is not much, love war involuntarily. Reporter in Chengdu terminal market sees alcoholic drink of 5 stone candy, the front courtyard of retail sales door of management white sugar is desolate, some businessmen are flat surround desk and sit, hit small mahjong. Drop as a result of sugar price situation is roaring, businessmen are calling lose money in business, be in sigh the business is done hard. They think, city sugar price still may drop after, but drop not quite, be in extremely likely 3600-3800 yuan / ton between fluctuation is fluctuant.
Advocate because output increases demand not flourishing
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