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Market level of domestic soya-bean oil will show weak force to adjust
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Market level of domestic soya-bean oil will show weak force to adjust
Enter after May, futures of American CBOT big legume goes situation is relatively insipid, although brunt agreement did not appear to be reduced greatly, but the freight of South-American course rises agio occurrence fall after a rise, cause what home imports crude oil to anticipate cost stops go up fall after a rise; Additional, end at present, period price falls international crude oil continuously after defeat, the adjustment that grail enters wide cut oscillation interval, conduce to the bullish person energy of life that stablizes early days market. Notable ground is, grease of the home before the section consumes the atrophy occurrence phase sex, and price of homebred soya-bean oil is current and opposite tall look forward to, those who import palm oil is seasonal mix into is mixed still have profit, the apiration of soya-bean oil of usu. in anticipation of or in order to bring about a fall in price of this aggravating on certain level also seller, predict market level of short-term home soya-bean oil will show weak force to adjust, concrete analysis is as follows:
Outside futures dish wander arrange, domestic bullish atmosphere gradually hasten reason
End 9 days, exchange of American Chicago futures (CBOT) soybean contract accepted main force in July sign up for 745.5 cent / bushel, relatively go up to trade sun rises 8 cent / bushel; In the meantime, soya-bean oil contract accepted CBOT main force in July sign up for 33.31 cent / pound, close tall 0.27 cent / pound. Press at present outside dish period price convert, right this year in June China the entrance soja of lading, be in to price of domestic haven pay taxes 3150-3200 yuan / ton, with sailing date cost of soya-bean oil of wool of entrance South America is in 7200-7250 yuan / ton, all be located in the coping interval that comes nearly 3 years, continue to bring dish of face to prop up to market of domestic soya-bean oil. Meanwhile, place of domestic big business (DCE) contract of 0709 soya-bean oil accepts main force sign up for 7006 yuan / ton, relatively before the section the last trade sun rose 160 yuan / ton, enter the arena trade somewhat active, short line still the bull thinking that appropriate discretion operates.
The beans dregses of rice price bottom moves, oily factory depreciates soya-bean oil space suffers be restricted
Prop up except what import soja, soya-bean oil to purchase cost tall look forward to beyond, domestic beans dregses of rice after the Spring Festival this year the abidance of prices is low fan, also support the sale price with oily fat to coming loose factory greatly. End at present, country is common (43% protein content) the beans dregses of rice leave factory all valence is in 2334 yuan / ton, the price promotes 20 yuan / ton, but because abridged edition face slants as before,lose, what grail moves in nearly two months to come as before is low. If press the soja cost convert of early days put in storage, at present the gain space of foreland oily factory is in 10-50 yuan / ton, outside Shanghaiguan compresses the oily factory gain of homebred soja 140 yuan / ton to deficit 60 yuan / ton. On the whole, domestic soja compresses the management current situation of the industry is uneven, this is meant dregs of rice in the beans before market demand did not appear to improve at all, oily factory still won't unlock the sale base price of soya-bean oil.
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