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Commentary of a week of Indian edible oily market: Case of edible oil price drop
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End in Zhou Wu's a week, case of Indian edible oil price drops mostly, because the market predicts to import vegetable oil to supply,rise, and domestic demand is not synchronous grow.

Zhou Wu, the price of wool palm oil that Indian bank heart helps is every tons of forty-one thousand seven hundred rupee about, the forty-one thousand six hundred rupee before a week of summary prep above. Quote of palm oil of 24 degrees of fine is every tons of forty-five thousand six hundred rupee, under the 46 thousand rupee before a week. Quote of fine soya-bean oil is every tons of forty-six thousand three hundred rupee, under the forty-six thousand five hundred rupee before a week. Quote of wool soya-bean oil is every tons of 44 thousand rupee, under the forty-four thousand two hundred rupee before a week.

Two Zhou Qian, indian government key became low the import tariff of palm oil and product, this conduces to entrance cost reducing, so the market predicts palm oil imports a quantity to may rise accordingly. This also brings about home to buy the home to manage money wait-and-see, await the price to drop further.

Indian Ministry of finance announced on April 13 the import tariff key wool palm oil and product is low arrived 50% , the import tariff key palm oil of 24 degrees of fine and other fine palm oil is low arrived 57.5% , this also is to stablize the price and inflationary pressure. Indian government keeps soya-bean oil the entrance is changeless, still be 45% .

Meanwhile, as a result of future a few months do not have great red-letter day, the demand of shopkeeper somewhat rein in, this also affected the person energy of life of spot market.

The newest data of Zhou Wu of Indian Ministry of finance shows, up to a week April 14, indian index of wholesale prices is higher than a year of premise 6.09% , and on the inflationary rate of a week keeps balance, the amplitude that predicts with the analyst is same. This also is successive the inflationary target of set of Central Bank of India of 19 weeks of prep above. The inflationary rate of same last year week is 3.70% .

Because Indian wheat and vegetable oil rise in price, this is abet inflationary pressure.

Analytic personage predicts to be in 2006/07 year (arrived in November October) , indian edible oil imports demand to may raise 5.1 million tons, on prep above year 4.4 million tons, because oilseed crop is reduced this year,this is.

The analyst predicts to arrived in November 2006 the year October 2007, crop of Indian home oilseed may reduce 22.7 million tons, reduce 6.3 percent compared to the same period, because farmer hookup is wheaten,wait for the crop with higher income with legume.

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