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Price of domestic rapeseed oil went 2007 situation
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New rapeseed reduction in production is serious, will pull price of litre of new season rapeseed oil to locate
Enter oneself since 2007, in the passageway that price of domestic rapeseed oil is in concussion fall after a rise basically, appear on the market till new April colza shortly, the sign of reduction of output is clear with each passing day, its prices just gets carrying brace up and appear rebound. End April end, price of rapeseed oil of domestic major area has been in exalted look forward to is firm, among them, stability of factory price of 4 class rapeseed oil is in Sichuan area 7700-7800 yuan / ton, stability of 4 class rapeseed oil is in Guizhou area 7500-7600 yuan / ton, factory price of rapeseed oil of the 4 class in the Western Han Dynasty of short for Shaanxi Province is in 7700 yuan / ton, hubei area 4 class rapeseed oil leaves factory quote 7500-7600 yuan / ton, anhui area factory quoted price is in 4 class rapeseed oil 7500-7600 yuan / or so tons, jiangsu area 4 class rapeseed oil leaves factory quote is in 7500-7600 yuan / ton, jiangxi installs area rapeseed oil high to leave factory quote is in 7600 yuan / or so tons, district of Zhejiang lake city 4 class rapeseed oil leaves factory quote is in 7600 yuan / or so tons, price of each district rapeseed oil all is achieved historical the same term is new since 2003 tall. According to investigation, each district rapeseed cultivates an area to drop substantially this year, fall generally in 30% the left and right sides, specific area achieves 40% above, the personage inside course of study is agreed with quite " the rapeseed crop that will harvest May this year still may be less than 9 million tons " viewpoint. China's biggest rapeseed processes a business, in official of company of oily industry of food of grain auspicious sign says, rapeseed crop may be 7.85 million tons only this year, beforehand dispute decreased considerably last year about 40% . The eye sees new colza is about to appear on the market, each district oily factory faces limited natural resources to have sense of urgency, itch to try, the last ten-day of a month arrived in May by June each advocate scare buying of rapeseed yield a division will again place hard to avoid, at the appointed time oily factory, middleman will raise price ceaselessly to attract supply of goods. The condition of rapeseed reduction in production is fundamental this year with last year be exactly the same, colza bought the price last year low leave to walk along a trend high to let broad farmer remember profundity, have taller expectation to new colza price more, phenomenon of carry out of the cherish that manage money is inevitable and serious. After the combination of both sides of supply and demand is driven, predict new 2007 colza buys price general by 1.5 original yuan / jin raise 1.8 yuan stage by stage / jin above. Such since, "When the river rises the boat goes up too " , new rapeseed oil will get high cost supports, integral price promotes stage by stage, want standard of the corresponding period of in former years of apparent prep above.
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