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Dressing industry is not costar
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Taste an industry to flavor renown: We either costar

March, be in young municipality directly under the Central Government, 100 thousand travelling merchant gathers hill city Chongqing, food industry exhibited big play the first round of the meeting 2007, as bender of countrywide spring candy hold, begin to perform ceremoniously: The wine that no matter be to be in,takes limelight with price of coin of a huge sum year after year kind the candy bender that beverage industry gives priority to horn, still be the FIA of Asian food grand meeting that gives priority to with the foreign trader, the FIC enterprise that perhaps gives priority to with enterprise of burden of additive agent for food, we can see soy vinegar these bottle container canister, smell cooking stage edge is fetching appetitive all sorts of aroma, a big market in experiencing food industry rises -- the dressing enterprise that extends meeting supporting rule as these food before, growing stage by stage expand rise, give out oneself market sound.

Growth range exceeds 10% 10 years continuously, total output already exceeded 10 million tons, the relative stability of demand and rapid growth, the Chinese dressing industry of the new economic point of growth in making food trade, transforming to industrial deepness from the industry in experience, the consensus inside course of study, an about-face, major key is rectified and split up greatly period, had come. Raise the rapid development with food industry as what flowing water of person the people's livelihood makes the same score, the production of dressing and market appeared all-time prosperity and flourishing, its basically indicate is: Craft is improved, breed increases, quality rises, progressively to nutrition, wholesome, convenient develop with dainty direction. Use biology technology in great quantities in technical admiral, if cellular be in harmony is mixed, homebred change enzymatic the application that wait, will make a product farther on current foundation perfect and rise. All sorts of using the extractive, distill, technology that condense and exceeds the technology such as critical extraction to extract natural flavoring from inside plant and animal also will get applied extensively.

Meanwhile we also see, chinese dressing industry is entering to about-face, major key is rectified and split up greatly at present period. It is on one hand specialization with what international conforms and buy, it is traditional industry on the other hand the exposure of the quandary that faces international competition in developing a process and dense disease, dressing industry needs to improve inadequacy, in order to reduce the block up factor on great progress road. To " miscarriage tastes big market " for dressing industry, the soft costal region that needs to let oneself as soon as possible " hard " rise, ability gets used to new condition, the business chance with bigger seek.

The organizer of Chinese dressing industry and controller -- Chinese dressing association, act on the purpose that serves market of enterprise, service, the development that is Chinese dressing industry offers communication study, conduct propaganda to reveal, the integral platform that trade cooperates, hold annual China International dressing and food burden exposition (abbreviation CFE) , do not have to swimming of all kinds enterprise fluctuates to offer inside dressing industry meet butt joint, guide dressing market prosperity and standard, offer long-term development train of thought for small and medium sized business -- look at Sichuan and Chongqing dressing enterprise to go up in current candy bender " wonderful performance " , the person has our dressing reason considers a letter, CFE2007, the top class grand meeting of Chinese dressing industry, ourselves makes the arena of leading role, will be in in November 14 - 16 Beijing international exhibits a center, receive come from each global dressing person, cross the red-letter day with a royal solemn face in all.
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