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Why to follow suit to often do Mom to you can fail?
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Believe not little friend has seen reach edible to cross Guizhou to often do Mom this product. If somewhat advertent word, can remember the around 2000 even, emerge for a time on the market revealed " the meal sweeps light " , " have a meal sweet " , " the meal suffers disaster " etc numerous the person follow suit of old dry Mom, and still there is no lack of among them a few well-known big companies. But regretful is, the person that follow suit people basically be completely annihilated namely -- in the ten person make follow suit that counting famously, a when do best year sale also did not exceed 50 million yuan.

I have a friend, be join the food agency that goes ten years. Those who do is famous one, second line old brand. See old dry Mom can do ten one year 100 million, and this market also is bred maturely with each passing day by old dry Mom, rolled out the convenience that has a brand oneself then plain dish, in also joining the large force that follows suit to often do Mom, come. Nevertheless, before be like, narrate, he failed.

Before paragraph time, chat together with him, he still misses somewhat on this thing: Why to often do Mom to be able to succeed, before why old dry Mom is, face open a way cultivates the market, and do oneself follow suit however with failed? Does the reason where? Channel, the strong point that this is oneself -- although make the medium of communication of agency not certain very strong, but this finishs contest is the thing that agency has a meal, the mostly chronic strong point that regards channel oneself. The price, the burden in him product is richer, relatively old dry Mom has price competition ability more. Advertisement, sales promotion, how many ad has old dry Mom had? Strength of our access sales promotion does not see smallier than often doing Mom, and still did certain market hype.

The reason searchs to search, still put stay drop in product itself finally especially on product fixed position.

Oneself product fixed position is convenient plain dish, above all, regard characteristic of a district as very strong product, accept in the market degree on relatively finite; Secondly, since regard it as regard it as,dish sells, apparently meeting

Face so a severe problem: We cook in the home can cook food, take a few money outside box meal also matchs so that have food, although issue bit of noodle, if not be economic atmosphere special how terrible, or

Person the person is honest too lazy, OK also decoct nods an egg, put the thing of and so on of ignition leg bowel. Can you let consumer origin of how many manage find out to buy his so called convenient dish?

Convenient, appetizing, these reason can't let as far as possible most target consumer buys sheet. That, where is old dry Mom? Doesn't it also face a such problem? Can why can it succeed? The problem is old the characteristic that 1000 Mom get on because of its oneself product, natural later change arrived dressing this cavalcade. A market with so big dressing, is what can't still let had obtained consumer to approbate new join category to score a success?
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