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Guangzhou earthnut oil price soares to come from raw material doubt to capital i
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Yesterday, our newspaper reports " Guangzhou peanut oil soares two into " . And the reporter learns from concerned respect, the terminal retail price of the peanut oil of 5 litres of a few outfit may exceed 100 yuan more recently, and the price before a month still controls this peanut oil 80 yuan. The edible oil of the home such as emperor of fish of dragon of Lu Hua, gold, another name for Guangdong Province and Guangdong mainland produces an enterprise to express in succession: Because raw material price rises,the rise of retail price of peanut oil terminal basically is.

Product general moves price to 100 yuan of above

And the price of terminal market changes regular meeting affects terminal retail market, zhang Zhiming tells the controller of emperor of Guangzhou another name for Guangdong Province the reporter: They had been made to the retail price of the product below the banner on tone, but had not carried out at present, want to treat the condition of the market again.

And chief Mr Ni represents the district austral Lu Huahua: Lu Hua had adjusted the retail price of related goods, with the photograph before moving price than every pails retail price even what 10 % control rise, and rise most bright the product that those who show is 5 litres of outfit, so the terminal retail price of this product is controlled in 80 yuan, the price after moving price can be in 100 yuan of above.

Go against go up to because raw material rises in price,be copied with capital formerly

As we have learned, the price of peanut oil rises considerably, the reason is crude oil price rise. Mr Ni expresses: The most immediate cause that rise in price rises with respect to the price that is raw material. And Zhang Zhiming of general manager of limited company of food of emperor of Guangzhou another name for Guangdong Province expresses, this peanut oil crude oil rises in price come a bit quite, according to the experience previously, if the price of salad oil is reduced, the price of peanut oil crude oil also can be reduced subsequently, but the situation this year is a bit different, price of peanut oil crude oil goes against the raise on city, still do not know to go up raise should last how long.

The personage inside course of study still discloses, the change that edible oil consumes a structure also is the account that this oil price adjusts. Since a long time, the soybean oil with inferior value, blend oil held the most state power of edible oily market all the time, but begin from last year, structure of this one consumption is producing a change sadly, a few blame turn the high-end oil of gene is tasted more and more welcome.

And soybean oil is however " fall " sound. On terminal market, the price of bulk soybean oil from 8100 yuan / ton fell 7000 yuan / ton, golden dragon fish the price of 5 litres of soybean oil already from 170 yuan / box fell 165 yuan / box.

According to jobber introduction, soybean oil price still can continue to drop. Additional, demand of soybean oil home market drops continuously, drove soybean oil price reduce. In addition, depreciate this to also be concerned with stocks of the soybean on the international market substantially. Since this year, suffer international futures to fry domestic influence, soja price fall after a rise 15 % , carry forward stock rises, and domestic demand is decreasing however, plus fall after a rise of demand of the market after the Spring Festival passes, bring about soybean oil to depreciate considerably.
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