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Beijing issues not found in the supermarket in Chongqing seasoning
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Beijing in the "Administrative Measures for national food safety standards," the official implementation of the first day, sampling a variety of the quality of the spices, and published information on these food shelves. Yesterday, a reporter investigating the city part of the large supermarket, did not find these spices, but the public at the time of purchase, still eyes wide open look at carefully. Beijing Industry and Commerce Bureau announced the list of goods shelves of the grocery store, the Sichuan arrogant, old birthday, thousands of benefits, the ancient part of welfare and other brands fail to meet the daily condiments, including chicken, soy sauce, seaweed, kelp and so on. Statistics show that a total of 658 samples, 18 unsatisfactory samples, sampling a pass rate of 97.26%. Local industrial and commercial departments have been ordered to stop selling the 18 substandard food.