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Beijing to stop selling a variety of 19 kinds of daily food condiment shelves
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In order to protect people's health and personal safety, the recent City of Industry, efforts to increase the detection of food this week, a total of 658 samples, 18 unsatisfactory samples (see attached list of unqualified food), sampling a pass rate of 97.26% , in which vegetables, meat, salt, rice, cooking oil, sugar, water, fat products, milk, dried fruits, nuts, grains powder products, instant noodles, dried vegetables, wheat (2579, -5.00, -0.19%) powder, instant rice food, chili products, bee sampling all qualified. has now decided to stop selling the 19 kinds of food. Beijing Industry and Commerce Bureau reminds consumers: Those who have purchased the following substandard food consumers present their store receipts and requests for sales of food packaging to return.