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Spicy condiment prices go soaring prices of raw materials 20%
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"Garlic from 2 yuan rose more than 6 yuan a catty, ginger rose from 2.5 yuan a catty about 6 yuan," Xu professional supplier of spicy condiments sigh, "is the most fierce pepper, a pound from about 20 yuan children soared to 40 yuan a Jin, jin, also rose chili 2-3 yuan. "Agricultural prices surge in users has been dubbed from the" beans "You play to the development of the" garlic "You're ruthless," Ginger "You army," Law "You're crazy, when the price of Chongqing spicy condiment Start "up" sound effect. Price increases caused by natural disasters, financial speculation Chongqing hot pot materials leader veterans Huangwan Ming Hung Hong Foods Co., Ltd. introduced the factors that led to rising prices of raw materials, one of which is a natural disaster, earthquake, drought, heavy rain led to chili, pepper raw material production. Chili The main source of Guizhou, Hebei, Chongqing, Gansu, Shanxi and other places this year have suffered varying degrees of disaster. A condiment industry experts, most of the crops were affected, leaving many poor traders bid up prices to speculation. Shishang Wei also said that prices of a responsible person is not normal, in addition to natural disasters, the financial speculation exacerbated the price The higher. Cost control, Anti-surge seasoning Raw material prices, the city famous red condiment company Hong, Zhou Jun mind, fat, Qiu-Xia, rice prices began to suffer, etc., or about the 20 ℅. "In addition to raw material prices, the fuel, logistics, wages are rising, Products will be towed dead do not rise, "the boss of a pot at the end material reflections. Condiment companies are worried that prices rose too fast will hurt sales. So many spices manufacturers in controlling costs a big fuss. Construction of thousands of yuan into Hong Hong automated production lines, and to strengthen management, adopted energy saving Series of positive measures taken. ZHOU Jun-quality products in mind also, "unburned Chinese food" upgraded piecemeal packaging, price adjustment. Now launched a super-concentrated solid material pot at the end, a box of 100g of the material has 5 small bag of pot at the end, more convenient and more conducive to standard Of use. The product became a souvenir of the World Expo in Chongqing Museum. City Council Secretary-General Yan Zhihua said condiment, condiments companies for price rises, the energy dilemma, improve risk resilience of an effective step is to work to strengthen the reserves of raw materials. Also saving energy, optimizing production Products, enhance the brand is also the necessary measures.