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Heinz Zaidufali foreign control of Chinese flavor condiment market in China
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June 21, 2010, Heinz announced its global headquarters, will spend 165 million acquisition of Chinese soy sauce and fermented bean curd maker Fuda (foodstar). All along, Heinz is in the minds of Chinese consumers, representatives of infant nutrition, in fact, Heinz is the world's largest ketchup maker, its main business of global condiments and sauces, instant food, baby three major areas of the food. The Heinz Transpac by private equity firm in Singapore share Ru Fuda. Fuda company mainly produces soy sauce and fermented bean curd, with a taste of things of soy sauce, fermented bean curd together two widely-known brands. Long layout Heinz entered China in 1984, the flagship of infant food supplements. In the past ten years, Heinz has been eager to open the Chinese condiment market. June 2002, Heinz bought by way of property, the acquisition marks a delicious source of the three spices state-owned enterprises in China was set up wholly-owned by Heinz Heinz Meiweiyuan (Guangzhou) Food Co., Ltd., products, mainly Hang s tomato sauce, the United States Source hot sauce and soy sauce flavor. But then because of "Sudan" event, the hot sauce business seriously affected; and delicious sauce is the source of low-end market has been located in hard to break. From market research firm Euromonitor statistics show that in Chinese condiment market, Heinz Meiweiyuan less than 1% market share. Guangdong delicious source of acquisition after acquisition of Heinz also thinking about old Beijing Wangzhihe. Two since 2002, talked for nearly two years, but the negotiation process quite well. Final and can not accept because Wangzhihe holding, bathing bilateral cooperation program. Unsuccessful acquisition Wangzhihe, Heinz has eye on Fuda. It is understood that private equity firms from Singapore, Singapore Fuda Foods Transpac Holdings Group Limited entered China in 2002 and set up Fuda (China) Investment Co., Ltd.. A Kaiping in the domestic matter of taste seasoning Co., Ltd. Kaiping wide co-fermented bean curd, spices wheel Nanjing Co., Ltd., matter of taste (Nanjing) Food Co., Ltd. and three other factories. Giant waited for opportunities to Chinese people's diet and ultimately, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar, spices, bottles and cans in the back, hold the hundreds of billion of market opportunities. Interest on foreign food seasoning shows big brother is not just for Heinz. Back in 1998, Nestle bought his wife for fun Bacheng shares in April last year, Nestle and his wife Le 3.2 billion joint investment in Shanghai has built an area of 100 mu, annual output of 10 tons of chicken production plants. In 2006, Ajinomoto Co., Ltd. announced that about 1.845 billion Hong Kong dollars to the price of the acquisition of Danone Asia's Hong Kong Amoy Food Group and Shanghai Amoy Foods Group, 60% of the shares. The end of 2008, the Taiwan reunification with the Japanese giant Kikkoman soy sauce together, and very Brewing Group, Shijiazhuang, Hebei, a joint venture between Jane "Jane Tongwan very food company." In addition, other well-known multinational companies Unilever began to overweight in the condiment business, the acquisition of the "Lao Chai sauce." The takeover of the fate of local brands is a big difference. Such as the wife happy with the Nestlé business has complementary products from a single chicken, has grown to more than 70 varieties of sauces and other condiments. However, "Lao Chai sauce" influence greatly reduced. Foreign-funded enterprises in China involved in the depth of condiment market, leading to surging Chinese condiment market, after many rounds of consolidation, foreign control of each sub-category of leading enterprises. Investment Advisor in the recently released "condiment market in China 2010-2015 Investment Analysis and Forecast Report" shows: In recent years, the rapid development of China's flavoring industry, 20% -35% annual growth rate. According to market research firm Euromonitor statistics, China's retail sales up 47.3 billion condiments, sauces accounted for nearly half, up 23.4 billion yuan. Heinz spokesman Michael Mullen said the U.S. headquarters of Heinz's total sales in China, a total business of about $ 200,000,000. "We look forward to completion of the acquisition Fuda, an increase of 1 billion dollars in sales." For the completion of the acquisition will impact on the industry, both well-known enterprises in Guangdong, said the local soy sauce is hard to predict. "From the current situation, flavor things up and the sky, and the Pearl River Bridge, Lee Kum Kee soy sauce products have their own characteristics, the time being will not have any big impact the industry." But it is undeniable that foreign predators has acquired local brands, the control of the Chinese condiment market power greatly enhanced.