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Shake of earth of Japanese afraid Sichuan will make food losing day decreases
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Dispatch of newspaper of online international business is stationed in Japanese diplomatic mission to be in business the Sichuan product such as department information hot pickled mustard tuber, chili, peppery, thick broad-bean sauce, had taken very hard in Japan recently arrive. A few China food that love by Japanese consumer had appeared the entrance is difficult. Incessantly of complain of suffering of inn of arrange of Japanese numerous China.

Japanese media to Sichuan shake of earth of plain of short of Wenshui River caused road recently attaint and farming animal produce loss will bring about China to be defeated by day of food decrease, price violent wind rises express anxiety. According to importer report, hot pickled mustard tuber 9 into come from Sichuan, because earth shake brings about road to collapse, originate in carry of a mountainous area hot pickled mustard tuber not to come out. Additional, the lampwick that is used at making straw mattress is careless, exit also faces dilemma. Sichuan is the producing area that is next to Ning Bo, local factory produces 1.5 million straw mattress every year to be exported basically to day.

Japanese aricultural aquatic product saves an official to express, shake of this Sichuan earth, will make the Chinese product value such as food rises further, these hit certainly will Japanese family life. After seismic happening, province of aricultural aquatic product pays close attention to Chinese pork price closely to change, because the product such as Chinese banger occupies Japan to import meat packing,taste 4 into, and 11.4% what Sichuan saves pork crop to take the throughout the country. Japan imports pig feed wheat every year from China 20 thousand tons, and Sichuan is main source, the entrance reduces price of pork of Japan of major general drive up.

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