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Shenzhen is begun fight exhaustion kind health food is checked oneself
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Each produce a business about health food:

According to the countrywide a shot in the arm that held on April 15, 2008 production runs spirit of conference of special processing job, state bureau " the announcement that supervises production of management board a shot in the arm to manage special repair work to implement plan about medicines and chemical reagents of provision of state of print and distribute " (the country feeds medical inspect to do 2008 〕 of 〔 176) reach me bureau " about development, add behavior of a shot in the arm illegally to put an end to our city health food to produce enterprise happening, ask concerned health food produces an enterprise to undertake checking oneself with respect to concerned circumstance now:

One, whether does company of production of each health food concern code, standard according to health food, strict and normative health food produces a course, assure the product quality of health food.

2, force of manufacturing delay disintegrate is fatigue kind (fight exhaustion) the manufacturing company of health food, whether strict normative raw material is purchased reach use process, make batch of production records of good product, put an end to what add condition of a shot in the arm illegally to appear. To the sale status of this kind of health food, the enterprise has without do Zhang of good sale stage, make sure the product is current but date from sex.

3, fatigue to delay disintegrate force kind (fight exhaustion) of stop production of health food breed, the enterprise needs to refer specification of stop production circumstance, the circumstance such as the stop production time that involves variety, goods in stock, sale defines. If stop production breed needs answer produce, the enterprise needs to be referred to my place answer produce circumstance specification.
Hope enterprise undertakes in time be checkinged oneself by the requirement, refer from to my bureau check a report, my bureau health care tastes cosmetic to superintend place general to sample at undertaking to all and relevant enterprise the spot is checked inside this month, to hiding the truth from a newspaper bogus signs up for the enterprise of the circumstance to will be severelied treat lawfully.

Additional, the basis concerns a requirement, my bureau was made " book of acceptance of liability of company of health food production " (accessory) , requirement enterprise is put an end to add a shot in the arm illegally in health food to give commitment, concern an enterprise to send my bureau health care to taste cosmetic superintendency place at report and affirmatory books and newspaper will be being checked oneself before May 16 each please. Contact: All soup admire palm, arrowroot establish an eagle, connect a telephone call: 82001378, 82001071, fax: 82002759.
Inform hereby.

Accessory: Health food produces book of company liability acceptance

Medicines and chemical reagents of Shenzhen city food controls management board
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