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Appropriate promotes city to strengthen system of food safety credit to build fo
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Appropriate promotes city to build credit system as personal as safeguard people interest, raise safety of food of quality of enterprise, promotion to superintend horizontal union to rise, implement each measure, strengthen construction of system of food safety credit in the round, force closes to health of food industry economy develops. It is the admittance management that strengthens food industry. The administrative license that fathers to manage food production closes, the superintendency branch such as qualitative inspect, industrial and commercial, sanitation wants condition of admittance of strict examine and verify, put an end to stoutly do not accord with conditional enterprise to enter food industry. Right already the enterprise of open but product quality short of sets a requirement, production must the condition is not quite perfect, product outgoing quality is couldn't get assure, instruct its stop production to rectify, deadline is rectified and reform. Via rectifying still short of asks, revoke production, business certificate, wholesome licence and business charter, ensure food industry admittance amounts to mark. 2 be those who strengthen typical company breed conduct propaganda. Through a variety of ways conduct propaganda covers quality of a batch of products safety of tall, quality has content of good, science and technology assure, the food with better reputation sincere letter enterprise, develop its to drive action, typical demonstrative action to the conformity of whole industry. Feed moral course of study to expand further in whole town at the same time establish range, cultivate brand industry, establish an industry sincere letter figure, health of stimulative industry economic stability develops. The 3 action that are play guild. Produce their bridge bond effect adequately, build to control oneself with the industry, lawfully the good atmosphere that management, ego restrains, health of company of stimulative food drug grows.

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